Special Report with Bret Baier 9/8/17 | Fox News Today September 8, 2017

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Special Report with Bret Baier 9/8/17 | Fox News Today September 8, 2017
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Venus Love Factor says:

Hey Brett! Cool, how about exposing the entire story – the 1913 Federal reserve banking act, the Federal Reserve bank private corporation, The world's elite banking families who created interest, The international Bank of Settlements, the
World Bank, the CIA, Etc, Etc….

Venus Love Factor says:

You – Fox media – are lying to the people. The financial companies DO NOT have people's interest as their priority. 100% lies and you people know that as well as I do. Fucking FAKE media. Generally I like FOX but they should NOT get a pass for lying.

Venus Love Factor says:

Mostly the news is SHIT manipulation and propaganda to condition the people and keep people sleeping, BUT it was brilliant to see the media talking about Mr. and Ms Irma and Harvey! Good job Fox. A little light in the darkness.

Travis Harriman says:

PRESIDENT TRUMP is lucky that Chris Christie didn't get on the plane.Christie is just a piece of crap.He is a lying,CORRUPT piece of crap.

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