Brit Hume & The FNS Panel Agree With Joe Wayne The President Got Rolled & Smoked By Chuck & Nancy

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If you watched my commentary yesterday then you know that I called the outcome of the Dumb Debt Deal & it would appear a day later Fox News Sunday agrees.


MGladwell says:

That's ok…Jason Chaffetz complimented the deal. If the GOP tried to pass something, it would've taken a year. How can the GOP lose leverage when they control everything? Get the votes; pass the bill. Republicans will never pass anything, because there's like 3 different groups inside the Republican Party, and none of them agree on the right way to handle important issues.

Javier Vasquez says:

Trump can never loose, or give up leverage. He has the power to veto, that's all the leverage he needs to put people in line, or get his way. If anything, trunp got what he personally wanted from this deal, plus he gain some fans from the moderate by pulling a bipartisan compromise.

Brandon S says:

First of all, who gives a f*** what any of these clueless fools say.

tommy krynock says:

Well you got to blame the Republicans they can't even come together in their own party and get anything done so when nothing gets done by Republicans of course he's going to turn to Democrats. what's the point of having Republican majority if they don't do anything.

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