Depression Myth Destroyed, JK Rowling’s Attack Gone Awry

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Andrew Tate joins Paul Joseph Watson and Alex Jones live via Skype to discuss his Twitter exchange with JK Rowling on the subject of depression and psychological medication.

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joan newman says:

Depressed?? = selenium, zinc deficency in diet, Up grade your intake of zinc in natural form…

Oliver Karp says:

I guess the democratization of knowledge made possible by the internet is a good thing. On the other hand the combination of distain for expertise, and yet presumption of the same is probably also dangerous for us as a species. Robin Williams suffered from dementia with Lewy bodies so no, a shrink kicking him out and telling him to enjoy his money and be stoic probably would not have saved him.

Ezeikiel Tohla says:

Touchy subject, you guys kinda handled if ignorantly. What solved my depression was the idea that I may go to hell for killing myself because I would be a murderer. GOD Bless all that's depressed. JESUS heals the broken hearted. Have patience and good Faith and if you have to pull out of all worldly things. Love you.

Matt Morris says:

Drink a beer. Quit whining about being depressed!

Yea yea I know it's a real thing, but no one wants to hear your bitching.

Either suck it up and do the best you can, or just kill yourself already.

Lynne Price says:

ime depressed because Hillary should be in fucking prison raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Nom De Martin Guerre says:

Lol Alex is in a feud with a children's book author.

Furious Magpie says:

Wow look at that, they're doctors who treated Robin Williams and totally understood his brain chemistry, and what he went through. (Yeah that was sarcasm). Totally qualified or whining ignorant bitches? You decide!

V says:

They call anything depression these days. It's a real illness that people suffer from, it's not just you feel sad. It's feeling so horrible you can't get out of bed, cry all of the time, no energy, etc. It sucks. I'm getting tired of people just saying it's sadness. It's not.

Josh H says:

Pushing this total rubbish again Paul? I agree with probably 90% of your views, they're usually logical and grounded in common sense. This assertion that depression doesn't exist however, is anti-scientific and quite frankly ignorant.

Every time you post a tweet or video about depression being a "myth" you get destroyed in the comments. To me that's indicative that your base of followers understand the reality that depression DOES exist.

Many people like to claim what you do, that depression isn't "really depression" or it is "exaggerated", or it "doesn't exist". Then, if they're unlucky enough, they experience it for themselves, in the worst possible form. Then they realise how foolish they were.

You need to distinguish between discontent, sadness and depression. The former two occur widely among everyone at different times in their life. They are completely separate from the medical diagnosis of depression.

The thing is Paul, you don't need a reason to be depressed. It doesn't make sense and you can't figure out why. Sometimes there is a reason.

Depression is basically a chemical imbalance in the brain, you know, the different chemicals that result in happiness? Dopamine etc. With an absence or malfunctioning of these chemicals, you cannot be happy, even doing your favourite hobbies or eating your favourite foods and so forth.

Please do some research…pushing this narrative that depression doesn't exist is embarrassing for you Paul, especially since you're so eloquent and accurate in describing the current political atmosphere in the world.

I find your videos to be largely correct, but this nonsense about depression being "fake" has got to stop.

tim groves says:

Jackanory, but less accuracy

Christo Mario says:

Google is part of globalism they hate america

Nacho Donut says:

Depression is a real mental illness but not everyone who is diagnosed with it actually has it. People are generally not blowing their brains out because they were feeling sad for a few days.

timmni says:

Happy they brought this up.
I had a severe year of depression when I was 20, where I just sitting around at home with no energy and self-pity.
Through self-improvement and hard work I got myself out of that mindset. I went to the gym and started to feel more confident. I started at the bottom of a company and worked my ass off to become a leader of several departments. And I am now so happy with my life currently.
I agree with him. When I was depressed I was lazy and did nothing to improve myself or my situation and that spark of motivation got me out of it.
What I get from a lot of depressed people is the lack of drive and a lot of excuse-making.

Jacob Mojapelo says:

Arguably the best PJW interview I have seen. Some real empowering truths in this video.

Mattxiety says:

Just because tons of people claim to have a "migraine", when all they really have is a regular headache, doesn't mean that migraines don't exist, and it's the same with depression. Just because there are tons of people who claim to have depression, when they actually don't, doesn't mean that true clinical or bipolar depression doesn't exist at all. This guy is an uneducated simpleton.

Christopher Gerold says:

Bro, depression doesn't exist but situational depression does? Make up your mind.

Glen Swartwout says:

Depression is situational or endogenous, from toxins and nutrient deficiencies. Drugs add additional toxins, making the problem worse and more chronic.

Dana Ament says:

I also feel very strongly that the chemicals that are being sprayed upon us everyday, the massive amounts of barium, strontium, lithium, Nano particles of who knows what, Mercury and the list goes on. All in the name of geoengineering, otherwise known as stratospheric aerosol injections. I have been watching the planes spraying us for years and I feel that the contamination that our government has put upon its people is starting to take its toll. All the Roundup that's been sprayed on us over the years is not helped either.

Far Right says:

I have severe debilitating peripheral neuropathy that's why I have depression. All you "depressed" people get over it pussies

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