Mueller To Investigate Trump Supporters On Social Media

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Thought your tweets were safe? Robert Mueller is here to change that.

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Schaissenberg Pondexter says:

Mueller is NOTHING !! Pay no attention to those threats !! TRUE PATRIOTS CANT BE INTIMITATED!!

Legendary hero says:

Erase fb then yeah

Roger Dodger says:

Fcuk Rob Muller with a rusty spade.

Scary Eyeball says:

Hey Mueller, you little nazi prick, investigate this… (holding up both middle fingers)… And who said you can use our tax dollars for your fruitless little nazi witch hunts? You ain't Sauron, you little asshole. Slit your own throat before your master Satan, and begin your eternal damnation, you devil worshipping loser. And take the 3 generals with you.

mark smith says:

investigate away goof.. we the patriots of every colour n creed shall not back down, we will restore the republic. so creep off

Underground Radio says:

Gowdy 2020 !

dannyoman says:

MY GOD THEY WANT a WAR Fucking Nuts crazy stupid snowflakes

Cali Girl says:

Here we go with the witch hunts! We are living in Nazi Germany…


Lol The SOB doesn't have what Gowdy subpoenaed him for so this is his last ditch attempt to weasel out of the plot.


STFU Mueller! Resign SOB! Look what you've done to yourself Mueller! Now you have over 60,000,000 Americans wanting to kick your ass!

MsQwiggels says:

I feel bad that by electing Trump, we basically threw him into a pit of vipers…


rest assure, we're PRO-NIBIRU if that's the case, SHIT-WADS….

butch r says:

Putin made me vote for Trump


that won't save em…. one bit….

HighsNBurgers says:

How corrupt is D.C.? Mueller is a member of the Clinton Mafia.

John Farley says:

I'd like to grab Sessions and kick his arse till his nose bleeds. This crap is getting out of control.

Andrew Polkowski says:

This guy is such a clown. The great investigator did not investigate the insider trading of the Airline and insurance stocks / put options Insider Trading Activity of the 4 Wall Street Banks on 9/11. What about the Criminal Uranium 1 dealings with Russia working as the bag man for the Clintons.

Lilian Kuhn says:

I agree w/ what you're saying but more than half of this country HATES Obummer! So many life long democrats come up to me because of my Trump bumper sticker & my InfoWar sticker on my car. These people were first time republican voters & they were psyched to vote for Trump. And I live in CT! We will stand up & fight for this country & our freedoms. The Shadow Government will be nothing one day. 3/4 of this country hate these pedophile, Satan worshiping pieces of crap! It will take a long time but we'll bring them down & get rid of the CIA.

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