Jesse Watters & The Five Full… In Clear Crisp 1080 HD For 9 / 13 / 2017

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Jesse Watters & The Five Full… In Clear Crisp 1080 HD For…
9 / 13 / 2017


Patches O'Houlihan says:

Damn Dana is sexy

Dan says:

Jesse Watters is the guy your afraid of dropping a roofie. The frat boy you have the urge to punch in the face. I got where he is from sucking the boss.

Misty Buttercup says:

SHIT SHUT UP & GO AWAY!!!!!!! Hahahahahaha hahahahahaha HhaahhaAHHAHAAHHAA EXACTLY GREG!!!!!!!!!!✔️

reginald mcdonald says:

Juan takes to much from Jesse & greg…lately he is starting to show some backbone…can't stand Jesse and greg…racist

craig Hauger says:

Never Mind…that she left the door ajar to the room that held all of OUR national secrets – secrets that were supposed to keep Chris Stevens and his staff of THREE alive and safe – secrets that revealed that HER state department left the Benghazi outpost completely exposed to the terrorists and gave them the opening to attack when and how they did and with great success!!! THIS is the one O'Bamma chose after looking far and wide for the most qualified person to occupy this most sensitive and powerful post and came up with… the housewife of Bill Clinton – the same man who was despoiling the oval office while on the phone, conducting official business of the American People.

craig Hauger says:

The only room she could fill during her campaign was Standing Room Only….in the killing room of an abortion clinic!!

Mike S says:


Thomas Pearson says:

please get rid of yuan williams i cant stand him

Denise gandhi says:

I hear Hillary is blaming illegal immigrants for her defeat cos they voted for Trump instead.

kevdone w says:

woudnt it be somting if all the rich celebrities all give 10 percent of thier income for one year to this telathon then the total would have been so much greater wouldnt it you over paid over hyped over rated people oh where were those kardashions those self centered self loving fine example of what i would want my daughter to be like thanks for your none money

Margaret Dell says:

Juan Williams does not have all his facilities. He will never admit that his party doesn't have a good candidate that can win the presidency.

fishaholiclures says:

The nun with a blunt chainsaw, no PPE…Photo Op set up much??


The left opinion "she wasn't a great candidate" because she didn't win the election………but if she won the quote would be what a great president.

Sean Crawford says:

Oh my god sister Margaret, put down that chain saw!! It's dull and your grip is so weak, so weak. Also everybody on the 5.

kingofthepaupers says:

"Can't fund a trillion a year" after the FED lost 9T and the Pentagon lost 6. Can't fund 1.They forget no rake-off to insurance companies is quite the saving.

somejoker says:

Hillary lost because Hillary

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