Kellyanne Conway Rains on Chris Cuomo’s Harvey Coverage

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Kellyanne Conway doesn’t approve of Chris Cuomo sensationalizing a natural disaster. For more go to


Kim Possible says:

Psst, Chris Cuntmo… brother, KellyAnn didn't berate you. I think WE THE PEOPLE, for the most part- got that part covered just fine and dandy as candy you SORRY ass.
Christ, you should find a more suitable career. You do not wear this job.. well.
Seriously, what a dumbass!


Glen says:

When did Kellyanne become a professional helper of those in need? I thought the only thing she was a pro at was spinning alternative facts. Never mind the climate change aspects of it, why aren't more people talking about all the studies, done years ago, that said this type of flooding would happen, because of poorly planned, over development. There are too many hard surfaces, and not enough dirt to absorb the water. It all comes down to rich folks wanting to get richer and to hell with the future.

Fuzz Man says:

Really fake news!

Howdidy says:

Cuomo you dumb communist bastard.The climate has been changing since the beginning of time and will continue to do so you stupid Stronzo

sullivan0099 says:

So Chris Cuomo believes we can stop hurricanes now? The reason there are "100 year storms" every other year is because idiot in the media hype up every storm as their viewership is nearly doubled each "big storm" they have wall-to-wall coverage on. Also, add into the fact of more and more poor people building houses in low lying areas where no one else has built before because the areas are un-insurable for reasons we see now. Build in low lying, soft grounded areas and any significant storm and you can say bye-bye to your shit. Most of these southern cities have decades, sometimes a century old storm drain, dams and levees that just can't withstand these storms. Not sure how any of these are 100 year storms when the USA hasn't seen anything near as powerful or devastating as Hurricane Andrew. Most of these recent hurricanes have been exaggerated by over-crowding, more and more low economy citizens and shoddy construction. Meanwhile Hurricane Andrew was a pure freak of mother nature. Cuomo needs to read a book or two. Idiot.

True Grit says:

I would like to meet this little girl Cuomo in a dark alley.

Billy Gurubel says:

CNN has gone off the deep end its clear they don't care about Americans anymore. Only their own agenda and hate

7216sp says:

The UNITED STATES Cuomo has not had a hurricane hit in 9 years . What a butt head .

911sc1982 says:

He's such a dope, chrissy poo

HK Z says:

CNN just gets worse and worse. I can't wait to vote for Trump again

ld eagle says:

As they move forward??? Cnn is stuck in irreversible reverse. Storms happen because of the excess wind from blowhards like Cuomo.

Lavar Ball says:

Every time i see conway it makes me want to chuck a brick at her mouth.

Mark Kilian says:

Why storms happen?
Climate chqnge.
What do we do?
Raise taxes and give money to Al Gore.

Meh…. always wanted a house boat.

Too Sweet says:

"Not a conversation to have at this time " then why bring it up Fredo? Now is not the time for your cold blooded hate Trump rhetoric," you berated me" you need to be berated for your evil agenda especially at this time when people have lost everything including family members,no wonder the black woman CNN interviewed got pissed off! You people don't give a damn! Fredo you need to be taken out to go fishing never to return to the airwaves,in the words of Michael Corleone " you broke my heart Fredo, you broke my heart." Get your heart out of your ass and show concern and compassion for what's going on around Texas and Louisianna, or do you just like talking out of your ass?!

Rafael Storm says:

She's a card-carrying cunt.

Nicholas Garcia says:

I don't know who's trolling anymore.

MrDavfit says:

why does he talk to this Sociopath,,…. its a waste of time…. Sociopaths always have a come back will never answer a question clearly ..give up.. you will never win or agree

Rickkrock Star says:

He is begging for ratings, like Jerry Springer with, chicks and fights

- BnQE - says:

CNN Cocksucker …

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