Theresa May says UK terror threat level raised to critical – BBC News

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Awesome Avenger says:

Hopefully Corbyn won't try and make political capital out of this one.

Dawn Norton says:

People in the comments think that nothing can be done. How about deporting all the radical Muslims on the terror watch list? They won't integrate, they expect us to change to accommodate them. Who's country is this.

Jerry nessX says:

how about you give your people guns so they can defend them selves?

ryan francis says:


cool cucumber says:

I want another candlelight vigil to show the Muslims we still love them.

rtgghyu8rf Same says:

Well fuck me, the threat-level has now been increased to "shit yourself" level.
And THAT is EXACTLY what the Rothschild mafia wanted!!
ISIS? Muslim-extremists?Extremist criminal Rothschild mafia morelike!!

gary abbot says:

Terrorism is the great challenge of our times? Mainly countries that endorse Islam. The solution is to reform Islam for the UK, or at least get rid of all those suspects and threats. Or it'll get worse.

internet mail says:

statistically only one risk level below getting your nuts caught in a combine harvester & dying of blood loss

ColonelAnomynous says:

Oi just nuke Israel already

Shay says:

Tommy Robinson was right this whole time…

Thomas Kincaid says:

They will use the military to enforce hate speech crimes whilst letting mohamedans rape, maim and murder at will. #TakeOutSadiq

Ron Putin says:

She can't do shit about it because shes just a Jew puppet.
isis = israeli secret intelligence service

BlackDildoBoyWithDiabetesBehindACamera Horsecock says:

It really should have stayed at critical from the first attack this year as nothing has been done since then! No action has been taken against the known threat and we let Muslim terrorists dance about on our streets and they can shout out that they are part of IS and have hatred for the people of Britain and still nothing will be done until they act on it and kill innocent people and then it just gets repeated time and time and time and time again because no action will be taken by the weak British government incase it offends people that shouldn't even be in this country and have no rights to anything in Britain.

That Cloudy Guy says:

You know what, why do world leaders send people to die instead of negotiating peace???

Richard Taylor says:

Not that it matters but I momentarily bought into her being a passingly decent pm for the time being but she is giving Gordon brown a run for his money in the atrociousness stakes.
Last time she gave us the speel about this has got to stop well we are here again, and by time we see out the year we could have had another flurry of attacks, still more than enough time for double figures!
Worryingly she is seizing this time to crack down on freedom of expression.
Terrible woman, and her recent firing of her two gurus shows of little she is able to think for herself, zero instinct!

Philip Hammond says:

She can't control her cabinet, forget about keeping control of the country

Grunkle Dan says:

Don't you think she looks tired?

Dan Phillips says:

critical!? o chit. what's that mean?

gary sage says:

Route of the problem anyone?

newyoda says:

False flag to enforce more military control.
All in the name of protection and safety. Same old story.

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