Must Watch Ben Shapiro Own The Antifa Animals As Jesse Watters Is In For The Assist

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OMG Becky…
If you watch one video tonight make it this one!
Ben Shapiro destroys & then educates Antifa . 9 / 16 / 2017


Jim Hahn says:

if you only knew as you speak the black is freaking out over cotton on a dinning room table center piece

SeaDragon says:

Berkeley should have to be transparent in the $600,000. Spenditur. They claim they spent $600,000 but that seems a bit much. I know these colleges have been CAUGHT cooking the books before.

Brad McGashette says:

Shapiro2020! The future –>

Tounge Lasher says:

It's about damn time Berkeley. Law enforcement needs to start beating the hell outta ANTIFA members.


Liberals do not coincided life as viable until you vote Demonic-Rat.
..!..-_• that

VictoriA M says:

Love Ben! Love Jesse! Love Trump!

PickelJars ForHillary says:

White phosphorus will clear out ANTIFA quick.

Jason Harris says:

When a business has to board up their buildings and a school has to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on security measures, they are CLEARLY trying to prevent a TERRORIST organization from causing problems for them…Antifa has officially made themselves a domestic terrorist group!!

Canadian Deplorable says:

600 thousand bucks to protect a 5 foot 6 160 lb Jewish guy's right to speak. And Antifa are the anti fascists?

Name Password says:

Old Democratic Party? Wearing hoods, masks, beating people with sticks and lighting stuff on fire. (KKK)
New Democratic Party? Wearing hoods, masks, beating people with sticks and lighting stuff on fire. (Antifa)

Aunt Geek says:

Liberals? They're not liberals at all. Progressives? They're not progressive, they're REGRESSIVE. For example, Black college students now demanding their own segregated spaces.  smh.

Aunt Geek says:

I've read that masks were banned and that minimal violence occurred…

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