Sean Spicer ROASTS Donald Trump at the 2017 Emmys

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At the 2017 Emmy Awards, Sean Spicer & Stephen Colbert hilariously roast Donald Trump!! Now that he’s been fired, it seems Spicer is finally willing to tell the truth about his former boss. FREE TRIAL TO AMAZON PRIME! (Affiliate Link)

Cope with cognitive dissonance!

Featuring Stephen Colbert, Sean Spicer, Melissa McCarthy, & Kevin Spacey.


Dose of Dissonance says:

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Matthew Williams says:

Trump ordered Spicer to intimidate the press corps, and Spicer tried halfheartedly to do it. Melissa McCarthy and the SNL writers shut that down with one of the best parodies I have seen. If you're going to give Emmy's based on resistance then give one to McCarthy. She didn't normalize Spicer. She ate his lunch.

Gladys says:

Poor guy. Now he is allowed to smile. His joy is back.
I believe he was just a puppet I like Sarah, salty-stickupherbutt-cunt.

Kitty Grimm says:


Ian Slater says:

best move ever from Sean and Stephen!!!

sedric willis says:

Sean Spicer gets a W for last night!

David Henderson says:

Americans obviously do not mind being lied to….water under the bridgen now….its all beer and skittles….hardi hardi har har…

Kasrose 8 says:

I hate trump but this was funny

FerrariDMC says:

She didn't look happy lmao.

Rupert Stringfold says:


N R says:

I honestly don't think Spicer is a bad guy in real life,
but I can't give him a pass for all the shit he pulled while working for Trump.
Or for working for Trump at all for that matter.

robin sage says:

Stephen is a pure Dick licking nigger and fuck Spicer as well. They got the worst ratings ever, awesome Dick licking niggers and his whole libtards audience.

Jaszee says:

I'll admit, it was kinda funny. But I'm still pissed that it has become okay to lie from the presidental podium week after week. Our liar in child chief & everyone who enables the lies should be ashamed.

De'Angelo Exxo says:

ok…. was classic fukin funny, sean you are still a douche bag and one of the worst people ever but, this was hella epic. Hopefully one day the country will have a real president again.

Amy Marie says:

Im glad sean was a good sport n obiviously he thinks melissa is funny his smile at the end tells it all

plp27GA says:

And a rodeo clown in Missouri was banned FOR LIFE for wearing an obama mask. Hypocrisy at its best.

George HIlbish says:

And the audience looks like they wanted to swallow not get in the eye…..

Anthony Inman says:

Probably why his ass got shit canned. "Quit" "resignation" "turning the page " = shit canned

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