Eric Shawn reports: A North Korea preemptive strike?

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Gordon Chang on Ri Yong Ho’s new threat against the U.S.


Ashley Thomas says:

USA is now seeing what happens when you bomb a country to rubble, killing a quarter of the entire population. They don't trust you.

Ashley Thomas says:

USA brought this on itself. Every other country other than Israel will admit that. USA has broken every promise it has made to countries that agreed to give up WMDs.

Bear - Slayer says:

The road to hell is paved with good intentions. We should have finished things long ago and now we (us and them) will be paying a much bigger price to end it.

Ashley Thomas says:

Mad Hawks at FOXNews. IT IS USAs FAULT. NK has no choice but to have nukes and show hes ready to use them. That's the only thing that will stop USA taking out the Kim regime. Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan + 20 other countries that USA has overthrown regimes.

Calvin H. says:

Little Kim is mental.. He sends a speaker to say that the U.S. is in the wrong, when we all know that China, Russia, and all 13 other that heads the U.N. all agreed and voted 15 to 0 that little Kimmy is the issue, and now China has even cut of banking with little Kimmy..

Morgan Martin says:

If it was not the U.S. it would be someone else that would not take serious what they would have to say and the game would be toward a different country Can't anybody see. I choose to be free than under a dictatorship, and if anybody thinks we are under any kind of dictatorship, actually its a Brotherhood of MAN. And we choose not to be antagonized by small people such as Kim, If he is foolish enough he will bring down his own country, Germany was pretty big, But it fell rather quickly once word got out, Word travel's the speed of light now  !!

August Corder says:

This kid Kim Jung Un will continue to make his people suffer as long as he is allowed so sanctions will not help. Take out Pyongyang and it's over because NKs aren't going to fight for nothing. IMO the remaining NKs will know defeat and will surrender. They need food!

Bronc Adams says:

This post isn't about the nfl but I'm spreading the word anyway!!!

These FOOLISH people don't care how we feel about the National Fonky Losers!!! We have to show them!!! Demand America First!! By the way u people r wasting ur time on the nfl lol we want Treason charges on the Democrats!!!

Sharon Bier says:

You cant crack down the human trafficking from N.Korea to China. There always playing the victim. And there message was a total show of the propaganda machine.

Dennis Beers says:

Bomb N Korea over and over!!!

Fr. Duffy Fighting 69th says:

End it now.  The longer we wait the worse it will be…

Anthony Conte says:

Maybe kim jung un can run for the democrats in 2020.

Patrick Star says:

Seems like we're going to war in a matter of weeks at this point.

markie polo says:

Get rid of them these filthy animals

Cruz b says:

It's either kill them by starving them (sanctions) or death by war either way a lot of people will die so USA get ready for a draft women will be included

David Sibley says:

That would be a really stupid thing for NK to do. By the way, the nick name rocket man is a lot better than crooked Hillary and lying Ted. The nick name is actually pretty good

Rock Climber says:

If NK only knew what new weapons we have they might back down real quick! I hope they back out, I hate war and people that start war they are Evil.

simhopp says:

technically, it's not preemptive strike.
Korean War never ended, and only armistice was signed in 1953.
but Fat Kim declared siege fire is over few month ago.
so Trump can bomb the crap out of North Korea whenever he wants and it will be perfectly legal under international law.

Marvin Olvera says:

They're shooting rockets and they're insulted???

robert bronecke says:

What a shit stick, we don't go around threatening other countries with nukes. Actually we really didn't want to use it in japan. It's not a game people, there are no winner's, none……….

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