ABM-piercing warhead bolts through night Russian skies atop Topol ICBM

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The Russian Defense Ministry has published footage of the test launch of a new advanced nuclear warhead, which was boosted off by an RS-12M Topol intercontinental ballistic missile.

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No More Nuclear says:

WOW! Welcome to 1976 for Christ sakes. Show me dinosaur bones you hicks found in a dried up river bed. Would be more current and relevant.

Dart Vader says:

The Haircut (2017) – A North Korean Adventure:

Israel did 9/11:

All Wars Are Created by Bankers:

Putin & The Jews:

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“I think our societies are run by insane people for insane objectives
I think we’re being run by maniacs for maniacal ends.
I think they are all insane. But I am liable to be put away as insane for expressing that.
That’s what is insane about it. Don’t you agree?”— John Lennon
An anti-Semite is not someone who hates jews (for simply being jewish) but rather someone that jews hate.
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In the land of the insane, mental sanity makes you the abnormality.

XXXHoodooXXX says:

Just saw this thing on a UFO channel. They think the spiral it turned into was aliens. But you and i know, it was a failed missile test dont we. Good job leaving that part out RT propaganda. God bless the Russian people, may they be smarter than Their government thinks they are.

Dragon Butt says:

Shame Russia cant just put the nukes down.

Webmaster Caribou says:

No one wants to invade Russia, we don't want to support another third world population. You have nothing we want, you people are parinoid. Build some theme parks and maybe we will come as tourist some day when you become civilized.

C C says:

For those mossad/cia trolls that need a reminder of the different between Putin and Trump and the rest for the American knee scrapers and ass kissers ….

Erick Asroid says:

Woohoo… can't wait for the world war 3 to start 🙂

3knwest says:

Slava rossii

Calvin Denali says:

Drop it on Mecca

Leonardo Jenner says:

And what did Americans saying about this test?
Didn't the Americans feeling be threatened by the Russians Just like they feeling be threatened by North Korean tests?
Americans is just like A dog who is brave enough Barking to a smaller dog but runs with the tail between the legs if a big bear showing up!

Kenneth Dixon says:

Russia wouldn't survive a war with the United States.

Bezz80 says:

A few hundred on Israel for starters, then several hundred on the UK and then the rest on the US, they will never learn, time to reset the world, oh and don't forget a dozen for Rome, don't let those crooks get away either.

Raul Alvarez says:

What is this Russia? Who are you preparing to go to war with?

tyjghjghhh says:

ya baby, this new nuclear icbm has over 12-18 nuclear warheads aimed at ameriCUNTS EVIL sheeps.

hope they all die including their children.

fucking EVIL needs to die.

the ameriKKKans need to attack russia/china directly, instead of using their c.i.a dipshits to start chaos all around their borders and interests in parts of the world.

this slow war against russia/china is boring as fuck.

grow some balls ameriCUNTS, if you want to be EVIL, go full out 110% EVIL and just launch your fucking nukes.

i'm tired of staying alive just to witness the nuclear annihilation of ameriCUNT home soil.

hurry the fuck up and just do it!

stupid ameriCUNTS.

Lee Misiak says:

I hope that one lands on trumps head

Aleksandar Sergej says:

Good morning Yellowstone 🙂

E3kTheCat says:

Soviet Union strikes back, bitch

Karen Kazandjian says:

Damn Russia you scary!

viva padrepio says:

I didn't hear any explosion. What proof do we have that the warhead works???

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