Hilarious! Main Street Moore Is Already Making The Five Nervous

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Hilarious! Main Street Moore Is Already Making The Five Nervous


Felix Niederhauser says:

That was a great move from the POTUS & Team, remember who promoted Mr.Moore, right Steve Bannon and a great supporting crew including Nigel Farage specially flew in with a 24 hrs. notice only! This was a well prepared slap for the GOP establishment. Well done!


aliyahramos20 says:

Joe Bidden is a pedophile and should be investigated

VictoriA M says:

I love this guy, Moore!

Tripper Harrison says:

Ditch juan williams, he is useless except for lowering ratings of this show. This person is an imbecile and NEVER has ANYTHING POSITIVE to say about conservatives. Even when they do something positive. He has to be the result of a lost bet or a dare.

Tim pierce says:

Lol Moore is going to win all the way we are going to take this country back I love it wait till mid terms we're going through get Flake out of Az

Mikro Plasm says:

You are weird if you don't own a gun in Alabama Juan. Not everyone lives in La la land like you.

L B says:

Trump doesn't like Moore because Moore is his own man. He doesn't want those types. He wants passive types who are fervent loyalists like Mike Pence.

Nix Six says:

I cant stopping thinking that this was all Trumps plan from the start. I bet someone said…"hey Mitch McO'Donnel likes this guy…" and then Trump was like "Oh yeah watch this…."

blazebla blah says:

The group is obvious trying to be as friendly as possible due to the racial tension caused by the idiots in the NFL.

chris mclaughlin says:

Everyone who knows anything about Moore should be nervous.
Very nervous.
Do you really have to be an idiot to get a job on teevee, or does it just look that way?

Lennox1492 says:

I gave a thumbs up because I like the video and I thank you for your time to do the videos! I disagree a little with the title but I will say they didn't seem too thrilled

Keith Godown says:

With Bannon approval, I'm glad he won

Guttfield is clueless on this one. It is a huge blow… A sign of things to come

rebelfrom1944 says:

I would imagine that Judge Roy Moore has a lot of folks up there in Washington DC shaking in their Boots – & IT'S about time.. #DrainTheSwamp Roy Moore!

David Gentry says:

He sounds like a guy that is going to do a good job.

Sky Captain says:

Wooot! Glad Moore won. Yippy!!!

federalist46 says:

None of these people, including Mr Waters, has any real understanding of what Pres. Trump is up to. Interesting stuff coming up.

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