Stephen Paddock’s girlfriend thought him ‘kind & caring’

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Marilou Danley, girlfriend of the Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock, said through her attorney that the shooting came as a complete surprise to her, while it has emerged that Paddock was prescribed valium in the past. RT America’s Simone Del Rosario joins “News with Ed” to discuss the latest developments from the ongoing investigation into the Las Vegas Massacre.

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Plh7798 Patrick says:

Oh my god. Valium is what you give people who are freaking out or have high stress. It would be very unlikely to make anyone aggressive. The media is just controlling this story. It is a horrible tragedy and we should know the truth. Bump stocks make the weapon much harder to aim even though they can simulate auto fire. From the sound of it he would have had to train for a long long time to be able to run a bump stock rifle that long and accurate. Those stocks are widely overlooked as contraptions that hinder your ability to shoot anything you aim at. This sounds a %100 like a full auto and more than one with different rates of fire. The videos and testimony show shots being fired from much lower than the 32nd floor. It's very hard to believe anything they are saying. The hearing act got thrown out bc what if he had a suppressed gun? Suppressing a gun just makes it safer for all around as far as hearing damage, it's not like the movies where they turn silent. They are still on the verge of hearing loss when suppressed. Everyone would have heard it even if it had the best silencer money could buy, it would still be very loud. It may have been suppressed for all we know. It feels like we are being told just what the media wants to push as far as their agendas.

Slippy Johanson says:

Seriously? Valium makes you aggressive?
Mix Valium with alcohol and see if you stay awake….let alone violent.
And for the record a .223 round is a MIDRANGE caliber. …NOT A HIGH POWERED ROUND! !!!!
Approved by N.A.T.O. Because it is less lethal!
It is a smaller bullet than the AK! It is a n mid-range cartridge. ..small bullets!

Nathaniel Carreon says:

Hitler was kind and caring to his dog.

sychophantt says:

I forgive him

Colton Iverson says:

He dindu nuffin

Raiden MK says:

Shooter had a 2nd life away from his GF.

Neville says:

Blue lives matters

Joe york says:

nice good job turning on your body cams. how convenient what bullshit. soak it up cop loving fags

Gen Sir says:

Pretty soon mentally disordered liberals will pass a bill to ban bullets.

Malakhpearson says:

The 64 years old set up cameras by himself? Wait a minute… something not right here. Well show us the recorded videos.

Ilia Bear says:


BEATZ4DAZ Global says:

Fake news did not see shit! No one never dead on the fake shooting. People got hurt on the rampage. When the fake shooting happen live I did not see no one shot just people running over people. With that many running you over someone will die.

Aryan Zagros says:

A sane person with no criminal record becomes insane and kill 59 people…I can only think that this was a covert experiment done by Mossad/CIA to turn a normal person into zombie! More to come as always.

Evil Fluff says:

What gun laws was up for vote before this

Richard Kaz says:

There appears to be more questions to be asked, how is it that someone that is is their 60's has the stamina to fire off that many rounds form a high powered weapon, someone that apparently had no knowledge of how to operate that style of weapon was not a marksman and never in the military. From all accounts had not reason to do this. From the conveniently leaked photos there should have been between 600 -1000 rounds of empty shells piled up on the ground but that does not appear to be the case. Was Stephen Paddock a staged patsy shot as a decoy and the shooters located on the roof or elsewhere, some of the videos surfacing sound like at least two weapons firing simultaneous this by a loan flabby 60's male. Seems strange that the FBI was able to arrive at decisions within 24hrs about some one with absolutely no history or record, but with the extensive record of evidence surrounding Trumps association with the Russians and months have made zero decisions.
There is something not right here, 59 dead and over 500 injured.

noeltheshemale says:

How come they not looking into the possibility of connection to ISIS? seeing as she's from the abu sayyef area of philippines.

Tonithenightowl says:

I think this is her story…. and she's sticking to it. She isn't a suspect but a person of interest. Could she have known something was awry? Even if she did…. until a person does something there's little that can be done. All his weapons were obtained legally. That BUMP business? How the hell did something like this even get a patent??? Doesn't it negate the law that bans automatic weapons? Oh excuse me it's not EXACTLY like an automatic weapon a little slower but I guess that's ok then. Why does anyone need a semi automatic ? Protection? Target practice? Hunting? NO. There should be NO semi automatic weapons for private use period.

A B says:

I don't believe the accused is the shooter, same MO as JFK shooting. He'd have shot or bombed people from his plane if it was him, the shots came from 4th or 5th floor. What's his supposed motive?

gordon quigg says:

Our country was and is founded on a system of trust, so that we all can rely on it. The easiest way to get ahead, and take advantage of our citizens, is to purposely abuse that system of trust, for personal gain. Most of the problems in our country are happening because you have hardened people with evil malicious intent, purposely abusing that system of trust. What happens is, the only way we all can go on is to loose bits and pieces of our freedom, to safeguard us all against those that are committed to abuse the system of trust. Then you have the complainers. But hey, it's the few bad apples that are spoiling the entire apple cart. Its up to us all to weed out these evil assholes and blow the fricking whistle! Pass laws to stop them. get them out.

Ee J says:

Well most people who check into hotels do not have see through luggage. I worked in the hotel business for 7 years, I am sure there were prostitutes, drugs, weapons, and more that were in the rooms or on the property that I never knew about. Especially when it is a place with an outside corridor where people check in then drive to their room and park in front of it and walk in. Some people would check in and seem just fine and then they come back later that night drunk and fighting and how can you predict that, anybody can book a room online or just walk in and get a room, there are no background checks or screenings. Vegas hotels have more security of course than hotels in other places because they have casinos and stuff. So yeah if the guy was carrying the guns in visibly you have a point, but hotels like that can't check every single bag all the time. Mentally ill people have credit cards also, hotels are a business, you can pay you get a room. This is not about hotels or politics or anything, a crazy guy killed some people, that's it.

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