Inside Story – Can Russia and Saudi Arabia be allies?

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Saudi Arabia and Russia have been rivals, but the Saudi king’s historic visit suggests a new relationship.

A shift in global power structures.
Two world leaders who back rival sides in Syria’s war are cementing a new friendship.
Together they could also determine the world’s oil prices.
Saudi Arabia’s King Salman has been meeting Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow – the first Saudi monarch to visit Russia.
Investment deals worth billions of dollars have been signed.
Some argue the visit reflects the growing Russian influence in the Middle East
But can they trust each other? And what does this visit mean for the Middle East?

Presenter: Hazem Sika


Ibrahim Fraihat, associate professor at the Doha Institute for Graduate Studies
Nikolay Surkov, Foreign policy analyst at the Russian International Affairs Council
Lawrence Korb, former US Assistant Secretary of Defence

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Увещеватель ВЫСШЕГО says:

… некоторые инопланетяне, курирующие эту Планету – такие же тормза как и некоторые мусульмане , которые думали: "если АЛЛАХ Всё знает и видит и слышит" и Допускает их примитивное отношение к реальности Планеты, значить это одобряемое АЛЛАХом …
Так вот, Одобряемое – Это то что – УКАЗЫВАЕТ КОРАН – Желая Высоких Пониманий Его, а не ваши примитивно – малоразвитые себя проявления и соучастия в этом.
Одобряемое АЛЛАХом – Это Славное и Мощное и Полное Доминирование КОРАНА на Планете и Построение Иерархии, взамен вашего примитивного баланса дающего шайтанам волю … (и не важно, нравится это кому то или нет)
И ещё, примитивные инопланетяне и другие, ваше понимание любви "и не важно кто кому верит" – есть тупость, идущая в разрез КОРАНу.
… … …

Stuart campbell says:

At the heart of this is the gas pipeline to Europe the U.S.and Saudi want their pipeline to succeed on one side and Russia Iran and Qatar on the other and hence the need for the U.S. Saudi and Israel's need to destroy Syria since Russia has prevented that the next phase is to interrupt that by tearing up the Iran nuclear deal which Europe is opposing because the Russia,Iran,Qatar deal would be far more viable and cheaper and btw no one even mentioned Israel in this show but they are a significant player in all of this make no mistake about it

J says:

well you should, its about time russ helped with isis terror

Mohammad Rashid Mokhtar says:

Doha had bought US, that why.

Iacchus6 says:

Everybody is waking up to the fact that the US has only one ally, Israel.

Colin Tan says:

The Saudis are hedging against the possible regime change by neocons with their own Pivot to Russia. Al Jazeera can now weasel back to favor with the neocons with their fake news.

H Q says:

Is a very bad news for petrodollar in a long run .

Nick Agafonov says:

What does it mean? Russia have won the proxy war against USA/MiddleEast/NATO combined!
Only Russia can fight over 20 countries at the same time! On the way collecting more countries like Crimea, Abkhazia and Ossetia.
At the moment Russia have two proxy wars with USA, one in Ukraine and one in Syria and winning. And this is after so called sanctions. Do you feel it?
When Russia wins completely over USA and NATO – there will be peace in the whole world.

free Man Seattle says:

Putin does a very smart move.Good for you MR.Wladimir Putin

Fahrettin Perçin says:

Countries are not ruled by grudges or dislikes. It's ruled by pure pragmatism. If Arabs go to Russia, there is definitely something they want in return.

Amir Bashar says:

good job of saudi Arabia

escahun zimalnachuh says:

Viva Mr. Putin, no bowing, no leg licking like Obama and other world leaders!

Kristopher Driver says:

Looks like you guys are reading my old blogs :p

So Offensive name, It was deemed The world's bane! says:

Worry of axis of evil being born into this. Russia, Saudi Arabia, North Korea and China.

Goerge T says:

Is it called bribery ? !!!

Віктор Михайлов says:

Look at history of Russia – Ukraine, Georgia, Chechnia, Moldova, Armenia, and so on… Also the Kremlin support criminals in any country in the world. The Kremlin must die. I mean Kremlin's guys, not average Russians. Does Saudi Arabia want support organized criminals in the Kremlin? 🙁

Paul Ebai says:

The looser here is usa. in 3 yrs from now usa will became a 3td world country

Rafi Adaman says:

Russia is coming back !!!
After such humiliating conditions back in 1990's Russia has survived and prospering on the world stage !!!
I think Mr Putin will be remembered as the saviour of Russia for the rest of history !!!!

Paul Ebai says:

al jazeera is fake news it lies about every thing it lies about southern cameroons and now about saudi and russia beeing rivals haha what does saudi manufacture that they are rivales. even in oil. russia os a non opec country soo saudi opec have no influence on russia. i beg tjese big pay check journalusts are just ignotamus

Googlie Googlinkty says:

Very grave and dangerous move……..Very strange bed fellows…….Never play RUSSIAN ROULETTE …………this adventure will be disastrous and this escalator will soon break down SOONER!

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