Air Patrol: Dubai police test flying motorbike-drone hybrid

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The Dubai police force and HoverSurf, a tech company, unveiled a drone/motorcycle hybrid, which is designed for deployment in emergency situations, at the Gitex Technology Week in Dubai World Trade Centre on Monday.


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Psycopathic cuntstable says:

mohammed on his unicorn

Mr. K P says:

We're fucked

SimCityWizard The Return says:

Fock yeah ! I need one of those for the trip to Dam next summer..

Weetikwel vraagmaar says:

stop devils fuch the nwo


How to hack a flying motorcycle drone?


He needs a parachute if it crashes in the air.

Dennis White says:

Yeah, in Dubai kicking up sand might be a problem for them.

superfurball89onyoutube says:

Hey now they don't need to steal planes to get to the Allen snackbar

superfurball89onyoutube says:

I thought sand niggers used flying carpets?

JerZgirl says:

Oh hell no! I wouldn't wan't to get on one of those things.

mohd sazali says:

Idiot design from russia people.

purplepassion1 says:

ah yeah!!!,Awesome!! Lol

slavixtube says:

flying meat chopper.

khaotik11 says:

Too much shit and it also provides pigs with more of an edge over the local society. I'd fry a pig for blowing debris on me and straight up not give a single FUCK. FUCK THE POLICE!

ilovetoseetits says:

just stick a camera on the drone, it is lighter and cheaper than a human life.

Mario F. A. Stevenson says:

Lawd. Welp. Just launch all the nukes at once. Maybe this time won't have a reset.

2madrobot says:

Now, with this technology, they chop off heads more efficiently then ever before

grand imam mostafa says:

Now we can throw bombs on paris and berlin

Mechyuda says:

Those rotating blades are dangerous to the rider and to anyone nearby. The rotating blades should be in a higher location like traditional helicopters, or they should be surrounded by a light & sturdy structure.

harveybirdmannequin says:

If you tried that in Murica, you would be shot out of the sky by the well regulated militia.

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