Al Jazeera’s Investigative Unit vindicated in landmark UK ruling

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Al Jazeera has been vindicated in a landmark ruling issued by Britain’s Office of Communications.

The decision addressed complaints made against Al Jazeera’s Investigative Unit, which produced the undercover series “The Lobby”.

The series, broadcast in January 2017, exposed Israeli Embassy’s covert campaign to smear British citizens critical of Israel and its policies.

Al Jazeera’s Clayton Swisher reports.

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Power BlacksUnited says:

Long life to Israel

James Walsh says:

Al jizzera going after Jew again

cyber tron star's screams says:

dump the euro pound dollar's rubles and yuan led terrorists org too. cut ties etc too. says no too illegally arm's sales etc too. Allah akbar.

cyber tron star's screams says:

long live al Jazeera press tv truth vids and independent media too. Allah akbar.

sushil kumar says:

truth always prevails but I have seen AJ+ chanel did some bias reporting in few of its episode. you don't have to be a rocket scientist to see that.

D Long says:

Good for you Al Jazeera…

R Greenup says:

Israel does nothing to indicate that it's part of the global community by it's complaining, grabbing behaviour.

siemenssx1 says:

Resspect not only on the quality of ur work, but also the courage and bravery in even attempting it

wikichris says:

Credit to ofcom too

fidel catsro says:


Majid Ali says:

What would the world do without you we need you AJ you are the world's hero

john allice says:

big up freedom4press

Higgins2001 says:

Wow – real, meaningful investigative journalism!?!? I thought that died out in the 80s!

This is why says:

Finally and at last, justice has been served.

S B says:

Bad things happen to those who challenge the jew hegemony in news.

Martha K says:

Yay! Good deal, I want you folks to stay around. Keep up the good work.

john andrews says:

excellent work to OFCOM and al jazeera . . . israel and it's web of formal and informal agents agents repeatedly shames itself by citing racial hatred/ anti semitism just because someone criticizes something/anything about israel and it's bahaviour towards PALESTINE, this tactic is well known and worn out, israel is serious about it's policy of 'taking someone out' who opposes settlements

Karma says:

well done AJ , if you're not being charged with anything then you are not doing your job.

Maria says:

Good job Aljazeera & keep it up!:)

Lost says:

kudo's to aljazeera

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