Couple divided by Catalonia question – BBC News

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RealAlbo4life says:

Very stupid video to watch!

…still disagreeing at the end and he says: "so, is it peace?"

Andreas Furlong says:

So forced and cringe…

Ravi Bhogaita says:

Just let them speak Spanish! This is soo stupid

cary bary says:

When are bbc showing pro Brexit rallies? In the past,the BBC refused to show them because a little oink in their ranks was pro remain.

Alex mhm says:

They just have bad sexlife, its normal

James Grey says:

Why don't they find the ten richest bankers in Spain and throw them off the Rock of Gibraltar. Clean up the scum.

Racer X says:

so, is it peace?…….

tfhssn says:

Who gives the fuck?!

gpgp01 says:

BBC drama channel.

Checco Zalone says:

nice couple 🙂

Dave Long says:

Speaking English solves all problems & heals all divisions.

Nadine W. Hanson says:

OMG, Why Trump say Fuck to Kim Jong Un ?? more info here,

Faihan Haque says:

Lol. The guy had to choose her answer if not no pussy tonight

EUPRI says:

Listen up, where was the EU when spanish police beat up their own citizens? Where was the UN?? EU = Dicatorship. FREE CATALONIA

Multieman says:

Why the fuck are they being forced to speak in English? “Spain decided not to have dialogue”? Tf? Just get a translator and put subtitles.

B. Hagedash says:

The old "From ancient grudge break to new mutiny" story.

Tall Apple Energy Drink says:

Spain, Nuke? Marry? Avoid?

Bret H says:

Echoes of the painful fascist past people being beaten for voting and propaganda supplied by the international banksters brought to you by your TV tax

Rafat Alamgir says:

We need communism

Daniel Bostock says:

Divided? They have a different opinion. what's with all the divisive language from the media?. The BBC are aching for division and conflict.

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