Erdogan: US visa suspension decision is ‘upsetting’

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Turkey’s president has described a US decision to suspend most visa services for Turkish citizens as “upsetting”.

The freeze is in response to the arrest of a US consulate employee in Istanbul, accused of links to last year’s failed coup.

Ankara immediately imposed tit-for-tat measures, suspending its own visa services in the US.

The US ambassador to Turkey says the length of the visa suspension will depend on talks between the two governments.

Al Jazeera’s Patty Culhane reports from Washington, DC.

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ottoman rusec says:

USA is the largest terrorist nation in the world.

schneiden.rendern &hochladen says:

keçi dostlarını seviyorum, tüylü erdoğanlarınızda birbirinizi sikiyor … amerika'dan tebrikler

Stephen Bachman says:

If it was up to me Erdagon i would have you thrown into a active volcano.

Consider you visa cancellation as politics.

You are human garbage an will always be. Your rain of terror will end one day. How. Who knows. Why who knows. But karma always gets everyone in the end. An boy do you have a lot to answer for.

Talha Hashim says:

i love edorgan …..allah give u long life,,,,,,,,,,from india

Kamil Razimgar says:

go America.stand with Kurdish

Ibadur Rahman says:

Long live tayyip Erdogan

Enteresan İşler says:


ersin yilmaz says:

İ love you Erdoğan

Mimo Topa says:

Who is this guy Egowahn??

Hamid Axir says:

Love you urdogan

Dark83Noodle says:

Turks love him, Turks hate him, yet too proud to admit the second..

Troy77 Akua says:

Remove Yankee….

D Pan says:

When the America dollar stops
the barbarians will fill worse

lee zeo says:

Now that's called fall of superpower,

José Dourado says:

Erdogan kisses the pootler and I never saw him kiss the strumpf


They desperately need America for protection against Russia. In any Case ITS THE WHITE CHRISTIANS THAT RULE

Mun Officials says:

That's great…

Alamgir Badshah says:

Currently usa hv no ally except israel…..bcz now whole world understand usa is the biggest threat to the whole world,they only care about there power n for this they can do anything .all the terrorist groups running by usa.usa
Dollar going to collapse very soon so usa prepare for begging…..start the rehearsal

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