Govt SUES Local Activist For Requesting Info On Surveillance

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Michael Maharrey, with the Tenth Amendment Center, got involved in his local town to find out why surveillance cameras were going up everywhere. When he requested information, he wasn’t just stonewalled, he was sued by the agency he requested information from. This is happening across the country and the surveillance is being pushed by the Federal government.

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Frog says:

I dont like David Knight, he just does not get things…

Goose Tweezers says:

Im from Lexington ill shoot the cameras next time i go up there

karl 3500 says:

The Globalist Controlled US Shadow Government are really an arrogant assholes to people.

America's Finally 1st says:

Someone should remove the cameras.

Heroes Zeros says:

Lexington Kentucky.. same place where my antidepressants were probably conceived. Search up MKULTRA

grow like the wind says:

Governmenf offers citizens a way to request information and then sues them for using it… seems normal.

roblox maniac danceand shake says:

Thanks Infowars….This is what your viewers really appreciate….And, why you are successful….You respond to your viewership….. No one is perfect, but Infowars is better than 98% of the Industrial media

TheBustedrobot says:

David knight for president

The says:

I never thought I would hear something this insane, wow

spiritchannel says:

I am a Targeted Individual. Believe me–the Surveillance State is OUT OF CONTROL! Research the following terms: Targeted Individuals, Gang Stalking, Directed Energy Weapons. The Surveillance State is attacking innocent, un-armed civilians.

Hugo Mungus says:

We will just shoot out those cameras in Kentucky

ascensionowl says:

We need to form a collective to raise money to personally sue and tie up in court individuals that work for the government who participate in shit like this.

Jack Stowe says:

We need to start claiming lien rights over our data and filing security agreements in the counties with liens that show up on the accounting records of whoever is using our data

Jack Stowe says:

Funny, use a fictitious name and a po box and make your request and then sue under the fictitious name and let's see how the agency is able to serve process and file it's lawsuit first, LOL

lXXl ! says:

Well…. Haggman had Field McConnell on his show again… Wondering why you don't… Get him on!!!

lostbuffalo says:

secret ticket cam.
they have an agreement with a ticket cam company
Mike exposing their secret ticket camera program making it no longer a secret has revenue impacts for the city and it's partner the ticket cam company now that the public knows they are being considered a source of additional revenue

the Last Salient Rage says:

David Knight, gentleman scholar.

covertyankee says:

Lexington Mayor Jim Gray is a raging lib just like Ex Governor Steve Beshear and his son (Attorney General) Andy Beshear.

johnup53 says:

big brother is watching you why one day it will be used against us hope you are not on there red list

M M says:

The "O" behind his head almost looks like devil horns.

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