Leaked Audio: Harvey Weinstein Harasses Woman

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A new recording has emerged that shows Weinstein desperately pressuring a woman not to leave, while she says she feels uncomfortable after he touched her inappropriately the day before.

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FrancisJoa says:

Liberalism = Communism = Talmud Khazar Judaism.

In the Talmud it is written that Khazar Jews can have sex with kids up to the age of just three years old. In particular with goy kids.

Rebecca Z. says:

Omg ..what a sick person this Harvey is ..the worst ones are
Those HILLARY /OBAMA /SCHUMER /CHERYL M. and the rest of the lunatics who have been covering this devil for years.

Browse /POL/ Daily says:


Mark Prendergast says:

Hahaha, in hollywood, it is only rape when she doesn't get the part.

TOR Radio says:

Hollywood, Disney, and D.C. have been run by Luciferian Paedophiles for decades. Thank God this is happening.

d.nelson bryant says:


Steve Johnson says:

She sounded like a hottie.

Brabants Boefje says:

You won't hear the left about this .. harassment …… Trump made a statement to a guy in a lockerroom and everyone loses their fucking mind !!! By only saying … he would ''do her'' … this guy speaks and does the actions … where's the left? it dont fit their narrative … BILL AND HARVEY SITTING IN A TREEE – R A P I S TS !!

Pamela Remme says:

Controlled oposition Paltrow and Jolie. Trying to take focus off of the REAL assaults.

Rob Wlosiak says:

Soooooo!!! Is this another Hillary !
Arrest this scum and start showing people there is a government , laws , and rules of life. This scumbag looks as he is . Stop protecting people that do wrong ,

grandpied says:

Hollyweird is full of washed up drift wood.

Tim Lansing says:

"You're used to that?!?" "Yes…Come in". How cold and disgusting.

jade59230 says:

TRUMP CAUGHT ON CAMERA. i.imgur.com/X7OjzPq.png  Explain this. Trump's second wife is on the other side of the room while his young teen daughter is doing a lap dance on him. Trumptard hypocrites.

King Smith says:

wont see this on the msm news

MAGA says:

Well, I guess his children die. His promise, his words.


Castrate all Hollywood sexual predators and enablers, lock them in prison and destroy the key.

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