Rand Paul SMACKS DOWN Lying Don Lemon: “You Should Be Ashamed!”

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Rand Paul SMACKS DOWN Lying Don Lemon: “You Should Be Ashamed!”


Paul Reuter says:

Don Lemon is a rude A**hole.

David Allen says:

Who owns these networks??
We need to start looking at these people who are allowing this kind of "news" and make them accountable.

Keno 357 says:

Fuck face .Don

Claud74able says:

Don Lemon has so much mud on his face that he can show it again.  Not smart.

kfja1111 says:

LOL!! Don Lemon is such a phony. He's just another example of a deep state actor, a la Anderson Cooper and so many more. Don Lemon is quite prideful for a guy who takes it up the backside.

Pamela Prizant says:

D Leming is a Lemon = Big Rude. Stupid Jackassssss!!

luthervaughn1 says:

Rand talking to Lemon is like a scholar talking to a newborn baby. This shit is just ridiculous. Rand is so common sense & for the people. Listen up, and watch how Lemon can't let the guy finish his answers to the questions Lemon gives him…when it doesn't fit his perogative, but he's actually answering in a truthful way they fear.

no where says:

This fucken black guy is an asshole

Lyn Portello says:


Robert says:

I loved watching Rand slay this chimp

Robert Hatcher says:

Lemonhead is the sacrificial lamb for CNN and he doesn’t even know it.

Thor says:

Why is Don Lemon still employed in this position… he's so rude and is not interested in other people's opinions!

Connie Martin says:

Don your an Asshole!
Let him Answer the question-

Chris says:

Im still waiting for this smackdown? Where was it? I didnt see it. Don Lemon is stupid, and does not speak for the people!! The media, is not the people, nor the majority of the people. Lets get that straight right now. #2- Mr. Gowdy, destroyed anyone claiming we should have more gun laws, when in fact Mr. Gowdy pointed out that our own government is not even following the law reffering to gun laws, and as such, we dont need more gun laws, we just need our current gun laws enforced, and for them to do there job. #CNN is fake news anyways

James Gooch says:

Don lemon is fake news at it's best, the house boy, sure he's proud to be such a piece of shit that nobody watchs…

Dee Love says:

Don go suck some big nuts you jerk off

Samu Faalogoifo says:

What do you expect from a fake news source

Samu Faalogoifo says:

This guy lemon need to just go and suck you know what….

Josh Dyson says:

Don Lemon is such a douchebag puppet. I honestly feel bad for him and would like an investigation into who's hand is elbow deep up his ass controlling him. This poor man needs our help people.

rel says:

The only talking point
"Don did you get you're nipples pierced yet".

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