Real Truth Productions Presents “Action!” by All in All

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Beautiful things don’t beg for attention
They don’t have to
And I heard I have an abstract intelligence
But I just make excuses
For all the time that we’ve misspent

Your poise is losing to your fear
And I’ve enabled us to come here

Often I have to step back
A couple seconds and I compose myself
To check my motives in my minds eye
Did I just love you for you?
Or did I love you for me
Expecting something
That you didn’t even have to give me

When you make up your mind
Your path will follow suit
You don’t think about yourself
But for your love
And I just heard
Actions can betray a lie
Have you heard?
Actions will betray a lie

Now some time has passed by
And we’re getting older
Know were different people now
And that’s okay a new leaf turned
I found another way to feel
I’m convinced that I put all the blame on you
You come to me about your problems
I say, “Oh well”
Its hard to tell
And to tell the truth though she’s no good for me
Actions will betray a lie
And have you heard
Actions will betray a lie

Did I write all this for you
Or did I write it for me


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