The 3 Moments That Made Milo Yiannopoulos Famous

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Amanda Schroeder says:

I don't care how old this is; fucking brilliant! I LOVE men; from a Christian, white, veteran, Republican woman! Love you Milo!!!

Slap Slap Slap Clap Clap Clap says:

Feminism already won, the collapse of Western civilization will fall.

philaufan6 says:

Milo is a hero.

Baily DenhHouten says:

These women make me sick, dizzy, and feel like there is no hope for society. Women like that don't need to be mothers because we don't need anymore flappy wristed boys who can't defend themselves. You think that's not already happened? Stop being blind. Years ago, we'd fight each other. Today boys are told they can't or just cry about it.

its Jacob722 says:

5:25 milo's face is like "damn this dude is a faggot

isfj1009 says:

A lot of girls just are not interested in the sciences. They just aren't. Many are more interested in the feelings subjects (e.g. gender studies). Or artistic subjects (graphic arts). And then they get their panties in a bunch when they don't earn as much as their male scholastic peers.

isfj1009 says:

Instead of referring to her as darling, should he have just said….."bitch"?

Rob Boss says:

Fuck these cunts

Professor Mike AmericanuckRadio says:

Did anyone ever watch these entire interviews? Milo let's the feminazis speak and 99% of the time he doesn't interrupt them… Yet NONE of the feminazis let Milo finish a sentence without interruptions. Lol

Mister Howdy says:

Fagism is not cool people.

bob johanson says:

He is so right. Feminism will kill a society. Look at Europe.

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