The Five 10/10/17 – The Five Fox News Today October 10, 2017 TRUMP VS BOB CORKER, NFL PROTESTS

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The Five 10/10/17 – The Five Fox News Today October 10, 2017 President Trump Speech to UN General Assembly, Trump DACA decision, TRUMP PARDONS JOE ARPAIO, FAKE NEWS MEDIA, MSESPN, Steve Bannon Fired, TRUMP’S FIRST 200 DAYS, Anthony Scaramucci Fired, Sean Spicer Resigns, Jeff Sessions, Donald Trump Jr, Russia Email – Trump travel ban, Russia investigation, President Trump News Today, Mika Brzezinski, James Comey testimony, Jeff Sessions testifies, Russia, President Trump News Today, Jared Kushner, Russia Leaks – Breaking News, Tucker Carlson Tonight Full Show 10/10/17 White House Leaks, Trump, Russia connection, Comey, Climate Showdown – Sean Hannity 10/10/17 – Lou Dobbs Tonight 10/10/17

Vice President Mike Pence leaves NFL game after anthem protests
Tillerson called Trump a moron says report
Rex Tillerson ‘called Donald Trump a moron and threatened to quit’
Tom Price resigns
Harvey Weinstein scandal
Tom Price has resigned, White House announces
Tom Price resigns over private jet scandal
Jared Kushner Used Private Email In Trump Administration
Trump-NFL protests, NFL players, NFL Protest
President Trump Rally in Huntsville, Alabama
President Trump Luther Strange Rally Speech
President Trump Speech to UN General Assembly
President Trump Addresses UN General Assembly
President Trump Speaks at United Nations Meeting
Paul Manafort wiretapped by FBI
Donald Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort ‘wiretapped by FBI
President Trump DACA Decision Announcement
Trump Tax Reform Speech
President Trump Deliver Tax Reform Speech In Springfield, Missouri
President Trump visits Texas after Harvey
President Trump Pardons Former Sheriff Joe Arpaio
Trump Pardons Sheriff Joe Arpaio
Trump pardons Joe Arpaio
Sebastian Gorka resigns from White House
Latest updates on Hurricane Harvey
Trump UN meeting
President Trump Addresses The Nation
Steve Bannon fired as chief White House strategist
Steve Bannon Fired from Trump’s White House
House press briefing with Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders

NFL Anthem Protests
Trump ends DACA
Trump vs. Mitch McConnell
Trump Promises “Fire And Fury”
trump first 200 days
Stephen Miller VS Jim Acosta
Jim Acosta vs Stephen Miller heated argument on Immigration
Stephen Miller Destroys CNN Jim Acosta At White House Press Briefing on Immigration 10/10/17
Anthony Scaramucci Fired
Reince Priebus fired, will be replaced by John Kelly
Trump Replaces Reince Priebus With John F. Kelly as Chief of Staff
Trump Announces John F. Kelly as Chief of Staff
Transgender military ban
Trump Transgender Military Ban
Trump announces ban on transgender people in U.S. military
Sean Spicer Resigns as White House Press Secretary
Donald Trump Slams Jeff Sessions Over Recusal Decision
Donald Trump Jeff Session new New York Times interview
Senate committee to call on Donald Trump Jr to testify on Russian email scandal
Donald Trump Jr emails show Russia communication
President Trump And Vladimir Putin Meeting
Trump meets with Putin – Trump Putin Meeting, G10 Summit
Trump tweet on Mika Brzezinski
Sarah Sanders SLAMS CNN FAKE NEWS MEDIA at Sean Spicer Press Briefing 10/10/17 TRUMP NEWS

Senator John McCain
Donald Trump Jr. testify
Trump’s Tweets
Trump vs Mika Brzezinsk
Trump Tweet
Robert Mueller

Tucker Carlson Tonight , Sanctuary city, White House News
Tucker Carlson Tonight Full Show 10/10/2017 GOP Health Care Bill Pulled, Trump Surveillance, Devin Nunes
President Donald Trump Was SURVEILLED!
Devin Nunes Confirms Surevillance Of Trump Transition team
Justice with Judge Jeanine 10/10/17
Paris Climate Accord
Russia connection
trump Travel Ban
Trump New Immigration Order
Trump Congress speech
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Justice With Judge Jeanine Pirro 10/10/17 Fox News, James Comey testimony, Russia, President Trump News Today, Jared Kushner, Russia Leaks – Breaking News, Tucker Carlson Tonight Full Show 10/10/17 College Campus Craziness, Trump, Russia connection, Comey, Climate Showdown – Sean Hannity 10/10/17 – Lou Dobbs Tonight 10/10/17 – Fox News Sunday w/ Chris Wallace 10/10/17

James Comey Testifies On President Trump, Michael Flynn & Russian Interference – trump russia investigation – FBI James Comey Senate Hearing on Russia – #MSESPN


bluebird says:

Hillary have you forgotten your husband's past. Talk about calling the kettle black.

jjammin1812 says:

Hillary said, "I was shocked and appalled by the revelations about Harvey Weinstein. The behavior described by women coming forward cannot be tolerated. Their courage and the support of others is critical in helping to stop this kind of behavior."

Yet, all the women that accused Bill Clinton of assault and rape, what did she do or have to say about that and them? And let's not forget about Monica . . . in the Oval Office . . . with the cigar . . . and the fact that HILLARY IS STILL MARRIED TO AN ACCUSED RAPIST AND ADULTERER ! ! ! Hillary is the biggest liar on earth ! ! ! This cunt has NO ROOM TO COMMENT ON THIS TOPIC . . . PERIOD ! ! !

Patrick McLaughlin says:

… I am trying to figure out how the libs will blame Trump this Weinstein business ??

fat cat says:

Hit the road corker ! I didn't like you almost ten years ago when you voted against saving the auto industry.

Clifford Mcbee says:

Let those niggers eat dirt. No show. It's pussy ball now with new rules. Watch U.F.C. for real human bulldog action. Fuck football. Go play in Africa.

Alyks Sdrawde says:

I agree with Kennedy and I add I am nauseated by Hollywood's virtue signaling and flexible morality. Bullshit feminists enable abusive men EVERY TIME and then pretend to be victims when they get caught doing it. Someone was raped because a feminist actress decided sexual harassment wasn't that bad or being groped by a fat wet guy in a bath rope was part of the territory. Just when I was about to forgive liberal Hollywood for being out of touch with the world they do something like this.

Robert Kempton says:

Juan not on ! A+

Roman V Garza says:

This piece of dog shit must have pissed off the elites, simply put when Hillary comes out and verbally sets fire to ones ass its a Sure bet this poor sap pissed off the whole of those rodent excrement elites. Killary and her flotilla are about to be sunk, thank You Trump.

Clifford Mcbee says:

Fuck that lame ass traitors rinos. All! Will rot fot their deeds for dough. The Hammer cometh.

fthechance says:

Of course the new dindu on the show is trying to take over, interrupts others non stop, has nothing intelligent to say… typical dindu… Bring back Juan ASAP…

fthechance says:

Please bring back Juan, this replacement nignog SJW wannabee is no good at this…

Brian Timmerman says:

Yeah right Hillary she shock, maybe you can give all the money back Play for pay crooked Hillary

THE MGTOW Ghost says:

30 FUCKING YEARS!!!!!!!!….hoes of hollywood….powerful women who said NOTHING FOR 30 YEARS…..JOLIE…YOU SHOULD OF SAID SOMETHING….YOUNG WOMEN AFTER YOU "POWERFUL" WOMEN…MONEY MORE IMPORTANT….throwing all those young actresses under the bus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HYPOCRITES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! trump said it…WEINSTEIN DID IT

Jim James says:

So filthy the jew hollywood, just leftist trash pedophiles that's it.

JD Johnson says:

it Was a planned attack on Trump supporters!! White people especially!! The Democrats have been calling for this!! People wake up!! They are going to try to kill all of us they hate us!!! please be ready for them seeing all those men running helplessly unable to protect their own wives and children is just sickening. Carry your guns or be helpless sheep

fthechance says:

Poor Angelina Jolie, she suffers so much, all this poverty, she is such a victim…

Aunty Keli says:


geo con says:

McCain is worth about a pound of S – – -T!

JD Johnson says:

If you take your balls with you when you go out then bring your guns!! you can carry a rifle or shotgun without a permit it's our right we are at war protect our people. Real Americans!!


so weird they are now saying these things about weinstein……what is this obejctive of this demolition job now? okay, he is guilty but why now?

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