Twitter Pulls Marsha Blackburn Campaign Ad for Being “Inflammatory” – LIVE COVERAGE

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Twitter today pulled a campaign ad posted by Marsha Blackburn, Republican candidate for the US Senate in Tennessee, after it deemed the video “inflammatory.” Twitter says they will only allow Blackburn to post the video as an ad on Twitter if Blackburn removes a line from the video. (She can still post it on her Twitter page.) We have LIVE BREAKING NEWS COVERAGE of Twitter removing Marsha Blackburn’s campaign ad.

LIVE NOW: Twitter Pulls Marsha Blackburn Campaign Ad for Being “Inflammatory” – LIVE BREAKING NEWS COVERAGE

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Joel Lundqvist says:

Probably because she lies in the Ad.

Tod Novak says:

Maybe it was pulled because the "body parts" scandal has been proven to be fake numerous times and the person who faked it literally came forward about it. Jesus you conservative nutjobs will just believe anything to prove your points huh?

acidjunkies says:

That is for her own good. This ad is terrible.

John smith says:

Twitter is so pitiful.

SeventyGTX says:

I wouldn't put it past Youtube to censor this video for reporting it. Leftists are out of control with their censorship of anything that they disagree with.

moral dilemma says:

Selling baby body parts: okay
Fighting against selling baby body parts: not okay

This is the world we're living in.

Christopher Milner says:

They won't let her pay to run it. Now it's being played a lot more for free.

zelda torna says:

Of course I would vote for Marsha Blackburn if I lived in Kentucky. Kentuckians will get the message anyway, without Twitter.

Christopher Moriarty says:

Twitter and Google and Facebook would love to Band Conservative Right WIng Voices . . . Only Liberal Views allowed!

Daisy Cocoa says:

Trump voters that are prochoice applaud Twitter for this move…The right side that is hell bent on control of young women’s body’s and lives is as bad as the extreme islamists they criticize….

SeaDragon says:

Glad they did it to her, she is able to SUE !!!!

The OS says:

THIS is why I never set up a twitter account!

David Blaine says:

Funnny all the liberals aren't saying anything! Ohhhh yea that's right they hate republicans and prolife

Bat Masterson says:

What is worse, someone talking about baby body parts or someone who does not fully understand that they are baby body parts?

Lisa K Troy says:

But Twitter allows progressive liberals to put ads up about banning the 2nd amendment? That is extremely inflammatory since it goes against the people's US constitution!

Gary O says:

Now I'm not getting any of Mark Dice's posting on YouTube. Liberals need to burn in hell.

Twenty Seventeen says:

Go to GAB! Enough of censorship. Get away from platforms that do not like you.

Richard Wilson says:

Baby body parts are bad? What Steve, do you hate babies?

Michelle B says:

Just what we need, another psycho republican! Democrats better get their sh*t together and win the majority in Congress!

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