VIDEO: FBI Caught Lying To The American People About Vegas Massacre

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Excerpts from the different press conferences held by LVPD and FBI show that their official story has more holes than swiss cheese
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Green Machine says:

It's really sad when we can no longer trust our own FBI to tell us the truth it is really sad President Trump should fire all of them and hire new ones from local police stations and make it a mandatory crime to get caught in a lie then you will do 15 years in a federal prison we must demand justice against those who are in the law enforcement of any and all branches and do we really need 17 justice departments I don't think so I think that is a waste of tax payers money

stratometer says:

Incompetent cops can't count.

altgenesis says:

Why would they have to tell you they are doing a thorough investigation and only want to provide accurate information unless it's because they haven't been doing a thorough investigation and have been changing the story repeatedly.

Beats1976 says:

oh the security guard is such a hero yet they never mentioned his name smh

sweekim yeo says:

Notice the same FBI Agent who always appeared beside the sheriffs to make sure they say accordingly to the FBI script.

Славянский Варвар says:

The neo-Trotskyists are leading the United States to collapse ,as in Russia 1917

Craig Curtice says:

Kind of weird that the sheriff is a nervous wreck as he is speaking

Molliesy Friend says:

That evil FBI agent!!! Gross

Chad Blankenship says:

If the leaked document showing that Paddock was a gun runner and the FBI had him set up a sale where he was compromised and then being compromised causes the radical Islamic terrorist to shoot up the venue? 1st how or why would they have gotten away? 2Why the hell would the FBI set up a organized sale to terrorist right beside 30,000 innocent souls? Also if that were true FBI agents would have been in an adjoining room just incase something goes wrong so their you go I just debunked that made up bullshit

Tommy Kavanaugh says:

Steven Pollock is the creature Hillary Clinton coughed up in that cup during that conference. He was trained and funded by isis and Jimmy carter. Just fucking around no disrespect to the dead rest in peace and my condolences to the families of the dead snd injured.

Ken Berg says:

How the FBI crushed the American spirit 🙁 #AstronautFarmers

Phoenix Sheppard says:

Can anyone find info out on the creep in the background, maybe that's a start. Also, check out Stephen's registration numbers on the aircraft he owned… Happy hunting.

Spkz says:

200 shots at through the door but no bullet holes????? or hallway beaten up by bullets????

james heyer says:

Look at the satanic sacrafice ritual angle.

james heyer says:

We should flood the fbi with phone calls, emails, facebook, tweeter, ect ect demanding they give it to us right or their careers will be finished. We are the government, the elected scumbags work for us. If we do nothing now we will have another jfk situation. We should not be above using violence to get to the truth with the fbi.

Mike Brady says:

3:48 Is that "Bubbles" (Mike Smith of Trailer Park Boys)?

Denis N. says:

I have the impression that the guy of the FBI is a puppeteer and that he makes say everything he wants to the sherif !!!

jeff morrison says:

Now you know why they are forcing Harvey Weinstein to fall on his sword he is a distraction from this crap .

John Jolson says:

Deep state asset "Jesus Campos" went up to the room and shot arms dealer patsy Paddock then unloaded into the crowd with Paddocks arsenal until the Police were on the way up. When the LVPD arrived they found a dead "shooter" $100,000 worth of arms, and an "injured security guard". THATS why the facts don't add up, why the story changes, why no one will show any CCTV. Its a deep state anti-white gun grab false flag. Watch the spooks facial reaction each time the sheriffs get words wrong!

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