“A Look Back”… on Hillary Clinton’s Campaign

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If Russia hacked into Hillary’s Facebook right now, they might find a video like this.


Carol Harris says:

That was hillaryous. Since I stopped going on FB after telling them I'm tired of being blocked for nothing, they put together a little video retrospective of my past year just like this and had several photos of hitlery when i was a Trump supporter. This was good, lol.

Peter Hensel says:

Insider patriots in the DNC and State Department leaked the emails. Not the Russians.

Michael Tomlinson says:

Insulting the voters was not a smart move by Hillary. What was she thinking? That cost her the election, not the Russians!

Agsilverdojo Bullion says:

Fucking dyke! And big cunt!

mastmedia online says:

Daily Caller, she also mocked Bernie's Adivsors Swing State Strategy.

She's the Florence Foster Jenkins of Politics.

lissa leggs says:

More fake garbage…
This isn't news..

Sally Silva says:

who is scrambling the Clinton Memes? Who is doing that. I demand that they be fired.

gay tim pool says:

I support this message

Sally Silva says:

I demand she be ousted from all public service and be tried along with Obama for war crimes.

Agsilverdojo Bullion says:

Fucking hate the old dike cunt

David Clarke says:

Made a good day even better!

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