France: Paul Gauguin exhibition draws charges of colonialism

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A new exhibition is celebrating one of the France’s most famous painters, Paul Gauguin, in Paris.

His distinctive style influenced a younger generation of artists from Picasso to Matisse. Gauguin is best-known for his paintings of life in French Polynesia.

But his time there remains controversial, and is often skipped over in appreciations of his work.

Al Jazeera’s Natacha Butler reports from Paris.

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Cosmo Joe says:

its amazing how france still lives in a bubble when it comes to its self image

Power BlacksUnited says:

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Sick europeans pedo
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Sungyoon Hong says:

So a French Harvey Weinstein

Beth North says:

Of course him raping children and killing does not matter to the French since that is how they became powerful. Till this day France gets money from the people the colonized. If the children were white it might be a different story.

Bez29 says:

So the guy was basically a pedophile and yet he is celebrated in France… Interesting.

Amir Fahmi says:

President Macron is Jewish bankers puppet. He is a former staff of Jewish banking corporation Rothschild & CIE Banque.

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