Heads Up! Blockfolio Portfolio App Is Snooping On Users

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The popular cryptocurrency portfolio app, Blockfolio, downloaded over 100,000 times, with a Telegram chat group of more than 1,100 traders, has the ability to snoop on users’ positions.

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tenminutetokyo says:

There are apps that will PAY you to let them mine your browsing habits.

Elinars says:


Melanie Heck says:

I am hacked through the back door everyday. I am hacked daily in google and facebook. I am never signed on in my hometown, just DOD Columbus, Ohio and 5 other states and towns.Tenn.and Kentucky and Virginia. All at the same time. I have to log them out daily and default my phone. I have too many daily hacking notices. The whole thing us a scam. It is not password hacking it is ipp back door hacking through google. You are so correct. I must be doing something right.
I expose them.

Max Carter says:

Why would you make a video on a old article? And most people know app’s can view the data entered on them.

Even if they do know about your portfolio, what use is that to them, they don’t know your private keys.

Mynawone Bidness says:

this is why i don't get involved with crypto. you think currency manipulation is out of hand now? wait until it's all digital.

TheZigZiggy says:

Android and Windows already spy on everything anyway. You're not safe online at all … PERIOD.


They all do it Sherlock

MATRIXED 369 says:

facebook is the worst for this as you have all your contacts family names ect everything

wendy frost says:

they can snoop on anything – nothing is secure with regards technology – thanks hun

Zack B says:

You want to make sure when your transferring your cryptocurrency onto a nano Ledger that you use a computer that's never used Internet.. I just purchased The Ledger Nano and transferred everything over. Make sure when you're transferring your currency over to The Ledger that you do it and small quantities cuz one small mistake could cost you all your currency

Avis Swope says:


Tori C says:

library, and do not check out the books.. take notes.. and etc.

Chad Lickinstein says:

Every app spys nothin new here

Jhere McKenzie says:

…they can snoop on YOUR device too ~

Michele Elzubeir says:

Facebook is down all over

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