Hilarious! Mark Steyn Joins Tucker To Celebrate The DOJ Opening Up A Case On DIRTY ROTTEN HARVEY!

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Hilarious! Mark Steyn Joins Tucker To Celebrate The DOJ Opening Up A Case On DIRTY ROTTEN HARVEY! 10 /11 / 2017


denisejustdenise says:

What a soft, lovely intro! And the same beauty in the outro enhanced by the Spanish guitar. Nice!

Wanda Lindsay says:

The year of "Horrible Harveys"

Barkeroni says:

Harvey, Wiener, and Slick Willie used to all sit around and reminisce over their rape stories in Hillary's living room…the most qualified presidential candidate in US history.

loddicc says:

Like the new opening. The other one made my speakers bounce.

Jefferey Blagus says:

The thing about Tucker, you always know the reason he chuckles.

jason beaugrand says:

Idiots. It's a Russian hack..

snacks1973 maddog says:

The fact this country needs to be so divided sucks. But i blame the media. If this weinstein fella was a conservative the internet would have broke, a march would have happened, late nite host would go off. The best move to mend the fencez would be for the right to just let the Left deal with this jackass and instead talk about how well Trump is doing and if vegas was done by the shadow government.

peter ebert says:

Much better opening Joe, Thank's

Collin Hennessy says:

Holy Shit! This case could be YUUUUGGGEEE!!!!! if the FBI plays it's cards right. This is just one guy. Corey Feldman spoke of systemic pedophilia. Roman Pulanski raped a 13 year old girl at Jack Nicholson's house and won an oscar, while living outside the country to avoid facing the child rape charges. There have got to be more, and if there are individuals procuring victims for these predators, with the knowledge they're going to be abused or raped, a RICO case is possible, and that may be a way to drain the swamp, because the RICO case will allow them to seize all cash and political donations.

Napoléon Bonaparte says:

I call for a total and complete shutdown of Hollywood types entering the country until we can figure out what the heck is going on

Rrivers411 says:

whoever's running this channel. HUGE THANK YOU.

Dazza Keogh says:

The Democrats love the group and hate the individual.

Steve says:

I do see a state issue to prosecute.

jacqueline russell says:

But they won't re open an investigation on corrupt 30 yr unindicted career criminal Killary Rotten Cunton Since the first one was a total and complete sham What's wrong with this picture?

God-Family-Country says:

Look up Brian Singer – he's the Transformers producer – he preyed on young children for YEARS!!! Remember when Corey Feldman said that Hollywood is full of sexual predators – all men – and he was surrounded by them!

gary K says:

The smartest woman in the world had no idea Harvey was just like her husband and Huma's husband.

Steve says:

It appears Harvey is rotten but what is the federal issue that the DOJ claims in this case?

Keith Godown says:

Is this the start of the elite sex network breaking down ?

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