Liberians vote to pick Johnson Sirleaf’s successor

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Liberians have voted to elect a new president and legislators in an election that will see the country’s first transfer of power from one democratically elected leader to another in more than 70 years.

Provincial results were expected within 48 hours, but the electoral body has until October 25 to issue its final confirmation of the results and to announce a runoff if necessary for the presidency.

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, the continent’s first female president, is leaving power after serving 12 years in office – the maximum allowed under the West African country’s constitution.

Al Jazeera’s Ahmed Idris reports from Monrovia.

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Vegre Muse says:

Do these people really know who or what they're voting for?

acajudi100 says:

She did not like brown Americans.

Elexie Munyeneh says:

Please pick anc or lp. Seriously people

nuyorican1985 says:

Good job on processing this election Liberia. Let's hope this is a sign of progress, growth and building a better country for Liberians…

Pietro Jenkins says:

Liberia is a badly failed step child of the USA ,the successor will have to run a ramshackle country of 170yrs in the making.

Karabiner_98k says:

Roads hospitals ? build and maintained by black population ? wow, fantasy as it's finest

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