Marsha The Momma Grizzly Just Had Twitter For Breakfast… Yukk … Too Sweet

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Marsha The Momma Grizzly Just Had Twitter For Breakfast… Yukk … Too Sweet . 10 / 11 / 2017


Rose Treiger says:

Harvey Levin of TMZ Fame said he just said Weinstein was going to Europe he never said where in Europe and he never said a sex rehab and that is out of Harvey Levin's mouth. So really Fox is no better than the rest at perpetuating lies.

MDKArtist says:

hmmmm Iv'e been a conservative for 35+ years and a Trump supporter, I am pro choice and an atheist, so not everyone agrees. Abortion should be left to the individual period.

jacqueline russell says:

Yes I totally censorshipagainst the right and conservatives by the Frothing and hatefull Left which happens to have an monopily on social media is running rampant on Twitter and on You tube This has got to stop Good for her

Rose Marie prudhomme says:

‘They’ think God is dead as reported some decades ago but ‘they’ are the only minority that believe such nonsense! He is dead to them but very alive to His followers who love Him.

Sky Captain says:

I'm angry. I've had enough of these people. A bunch Christian murdering scum running giant death factorys, keeping babies alive and selling their body parts.

H o t r e t a r d e d c h i X says:

Free speech is supposed to be for everyone, not just for those able to fight for it. We need a law and we need it now

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