Mass Shooting Outside Las Vegas’ Mandalay Bay; 50+ Dead, 500+ Sent to Hospital

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Chris C says:

Hahhaa that fuck you guy was drunk and stoned AF

shamz0rz says:

You should either shut down this channel or hire more people to manage it because you're always so far behind the news. And get a new song already, jeez.

china 漢 beste contrry says:

not trusting a 'news organization' that uses 2 of its previous articles as its sources.

you are the real fake news and a bunch of sissy snowflakes sad they didn't get their way with potus

Val Loudfoot says:

YESSSSSSS!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA that couldn't possibly be better stated, Mr. Breitbart!

shameblamenamegame says:

the evil white man will always kill and destroy. it is in the nature of the caucazoid man to kill. white on white violence was all the world ever knew until the white man spread his disease of death all over the world. soon the world must decide how to solve the white man problem. all Caucasians should be deported back to Europe. enough of your evil.

Hybrid InfoDesk says:

The white community is having a meltdown. There has been so many of these shootings targeting their own community. This old Asian woman focus is an attempt to take focus off their heinous-ness. They have riddled elementary school children with bullets, shot up high schools, pregnant women at movie theaters and congressional ball games. Each shooting more heinous than the next. This last one went above and beyond the last. Would have easily exceeded 800-1, 000 if they hadn't stopped him, he was outfitted for that. Add the sexual promiscuity, high drug abuse and fear, global terror and you have a complete community meltdown.

Watching TrainsgoBy says:

It's time. God bless you all.

Paul Temple says:

Wave the flag and stir up Nationalism, why don't you. How about calling for legislation against bump stocks you traitors.

Tim Clarke says:

if you dont have a DD214 and combat medals of service in the comments SHUT THE FUCK UP you GOD DAMN NORMIES, this is a bumpfire stock weapon using surefire 100 round GI mags that jam all the time which is why he has such interruptions. you can bumpfire two weapons as well. the "two" guns people hears is the auditory refraction from the building as he swept from left to right in succession trying to hit everyone. NOW SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU NO SERVICE HAVING ASSHOLES

dbdevour says:

NRA = Anti-American Terrorists

Mary Mccarson says:

what say you ?

mike smith says:


Jeffrey Semon says:

was this worse than waco texss??

Jeffrey Semon says:

a true set up and falsevflag

Trapper John says:

This is one weak ass video it doesn’t give any new information at all.

BIG A says:

Liberals and democrats killed the on goers at Las Vegas!!!!!!!!!

Ride Around says:

The guy was a millionaire an antifa supporter and anti Donald trump .

Hector Morales says:

Multiple shooters multiple floors official story not true bad it stinks to the high heavens. More evidence is coming out

000000Kimo says:

Um…yeah…we kinda know already.

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