Must Watch Alpha Fox Of Fox News Harris Faulkner Shut Down The Mad Magpie In Under .3 Seconds 😻

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Must Watch Alpha Fox Of Fox News Harris Faulkner Shut Down The Mad Magpie In Under .3 Seconds!! 10 /


Sebawayh X says:

Jessica….whot a dem babe.

zeigfried says:

Let's see, Trump will Never win the primary, all 16 opponents lost. Never win the presidency, yep opponent 17 lost because he was smarter and still these non billionaires continue to question his every decision. I can speak for myself in saying I'm not a billionaire, some of what I hear from this President is hard to understand and yet the results keep coming in as a win for our country. Ever consider we are confused by our President because very few people understand how billionaires think? Our closed doors look like a golden opportunities to people like President Trump. So yeah, the billionaire's got our back and the hired help can't stand it.

Daniel Simms says:

if you can't follow the captain, get the fuck out of the team.

No One Knows 82 says:

Hell yea Harris!! Shut that liberal retard black bird bitch up!!! You on my show bitch, when I say shut up, guess what? You shut da fuck up!!!!!!!!

Byrd Well says:

Harris Faulkner rocks. . .like Judge Jeanine, Laura Ingraham, Michelle Malkin, Tomi Lahren, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, and they are beautiful women also.

Mr Spazoid7777 says:

Yes Harris is a darling!

John Rider says:

Does anyone else see how these leftys are just off??? Like their brain just does not work well??? Slow, and off.

dolly caldwell says:

totally agree……he's your boss… can offer advice….if he asks…..but if you don't like it and cannot promote it…you need to find another job.  most of us have spent a lifetime dealing with managers with whom we disagree, but follow their lead, as to keep our job….its not a hard concept.

Drewtazy says:

We never get the straight truth

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