Must Watch Jason Chaffetz With A Warning For All Enemies Of The Republic… Inside & Out

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Must Watch Jason Chaffetz With A Warning For All Enemies Of The Republic… Inside & Out . 8 /8 / 2017


steve liotta says:

"better than the swamp?" LMFAO

Meechie X says:

Who are these people? She looks like a cheap hooker on daytime tv!

KeepItReal says:

So the generation of; "Participation trophies & ribbons" for all who didn't earn it is now showing their faces as they're running the streets crying, mad & upset yelling; "NOT FAIR". Well kido's, blame your families for bringing "you/them" here and causing this issue to begin with in the first place. Thank the former President for allowing "you/them" to think "you/they" have any "rights" and thank all the others for giving "you/they" the sense of any kind of entitlements when "you/them" are owed NONE. Time to grow up and realize "you/they" don't just get what "you/they" want because "you/they" want it, demand it or throw a temper tantrum over a decision you don't like . This is called; "REALITY"!


Joe Wayne, thank you for all that you do! really appreciate all the effort you put into bringing the content to the people!!!!

Rae Rebel says:

Nikki Haley has proven to be the best choice to represent the United States to the United Nations

sina mumuta says:

Time to have more people that have the true meaning of the Nation and his President to work together to bring the Nations back brave and brain

sina mumuta says:

That is right he is right ,

George Milford says:

I love watching this stuff as it highlights what a hypocrite Chaffetz is and how he will sell his own soul for power and a good headline lol….good thing he no longer is in Congress lol

tod jones says:

Why do you all believe the military "intelligence" about NK when they lie to you and to everyone? Do you choose to believe what you want to so we can go to war? Seems that way!

Paul Squires says:

You have done nothing in congress you butt plug. I pay double the amount for healthcare since you passed Obamacare you scum bag. I hope your balls fall off you fake republicans make me want to vomit

Bill Yost says:

It is no wonder Jason quit his job. I would have too.
A shame you can't take non-conformers out back and 'cat&nine tails' them.
Jason, like Trey… are good people.
We should be thankful for them and their service. They both are my heros.

Bill Yost says:

I still can't say the name of this youtube producer… I can only say…

Ed Deetz says:

Go investigate the federal judges, prosecutors the BLM Forrest service for terrorizing, arresting and jailing ranchers protesting peacefully the theft of land out west. Defined and disarm federal services. County Seat take back your lands. Sessions is a jackass

jenny misteqq says:

I HATE Nikki Haley.

Carlton Firoved says:

this all sounds great but it's Jason Chaffetz who's running away from the fight. He's leaving his job when America needs him and everyone liked him at this time. Jason we love you man don't be a pussy stick around

Al T says:

Yeah, we've been hearing this for decades.. this is one big farm folks. He is the problem.. H.R. 5736 America is just one big farm, human capital…

Jerry wtf says:

What trump said all along

Robert Devino says:

Arrest every mayor that is condoning a Sanctuary City for aiding and abedding criminals! Plain and simple what the mayors are doing is completely illegal! Arrest!

richy h says:

Illinois gives illegal aliens driver's licenses…..I know this for a fact

Sam Steward says:

Session doesn't even act like he is the AG!! He needs to pull his head out of his ass and do WAY MORE than he had been doing!!!!! A lot of people should be in jail so Sessions get off your fucking ass and do the God damn job we hired you to do!!!!!!

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