Must Watch Now As Bannon Breaks Bad With The Owned Opposition & Warns Them Were Comin For You All😡

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Must Watch Now As Bannon Breaks Bad With The Owned Opposition & Warns Them Were Comin For You All . 10 / 10 / 2017


Tripper Harrison says:

The establishment on BOTH SIDES , needs the wood chipper and a dumpster party……

Jefferey Blagus says:

Better listen to Bannon.
He KNOWS exactly what he's talking about.

MSM Mania says:

Steve, you need to lead the people and vote out the swamp creatures for Trump so he can accomplish he was elected to do.

Loretta Gallegos says:

I'm a street fighter too and a survivor of all this bull shit the government has been creating for years.

Loretta Gallegos says:

Coker should resign. Traitor

u2mister1 says:

The word is 'Liberty", use it and mean it.

llamawizard says:

Roy Moore is a bufoon. Trump and Bannon and company should've backed Mo Brooks. Not backing Mo was their original sin which led to the election debacle that gave us the self serving, backwards thinking hypocrite in Judge Moore.

Frank Clarady says:

Nail the bastards! McCain, McConnell . . . PARASITES who need to be sent packing!!

doodr says:

WE do not forgive. We do not forget. We do not accept your payments. We do not allow you to sleep. You will remember the fear you have from facing the realization that your actions, are your responsibility. Period.

Don Peterson says:


M TheWolf says:

Bannon is wrong about the length of time to unscrew our system…Civil War could do it in about 1-4 years.

jacqueline russell says:

Good move for you Steve You can do more on the outside than on the inside

T R B says:

Like rush said. Nobody wants anything to change regardless of party cause if a guy with no experience can come in and turn things around they'd look bad for not doing anything for the past 20 or so years

gbo o says:

Establishment Republicans stood back and allowed Obama to use IRS on its own base. They stood to lose if Base continued to grow in Donors so releasing scandal helped establishment rather then hurting Obama because donors saw republicans weren't going to do nothing to protect them

dolly caldwell says:

go get em Bannon!!!

scmarriner says:

I want to contribute, I just don’t want the republican party to get their greedy, grubby hands on it!

Sky Captain says:

Banon is doing as much if not more out of the white house as he did in it. Keep up the good work.

Russ Brown says:

Bannon 2020Republicans are Democrats lite. Democrats have gone full blown communist.

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