Must Watch The Extremely Happy Trish Regan Pounce On The Mad Magpie Over Trump’s New DACA Deal\😺

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Must Watch The Extremely Happy Trish Regan Pounce On The Mad Magpie Over Trump’s New DACA Deal . 10 / 10 / 2017


patrick beishir says:

Does anyone take Jessica seriously?

Sebawayh X says:

I cud d-REAM-r jessica….fwor.

MrAitraining says:

uggh. Why do they keep having that Jessica Tarlov on all the time now? her voice is an instant mute for me. Irritating in voice and words.

desmmart says:

It's fitting that the Liberal Chick is wearing her "WITCH" outfit. Let the Democrats shut down the government please…talk about a gift for conservative.

Stranded in Utah says:

I have the perfect solution: Dreamers get to stay and the parent(s) who brought them here go back. Everybody wins something.

gina falica says:

The dems only care about more votes. And they're not all "great kids", hell, they're not even all KIDS.

CiniCraft says:

She's one of the few talking head dems who's asshole I could eat out though

Susan Martin says:

Shut it down. I can't stand when these democrats talk about the American Values they know nothing about.

Paul Kelley says:

Nucking UCLA bRuin always thinking what she is spewing out of her posterior and then thinks that Sandra is actually asking for her opinion on new set, understand Jessica the conversation does not center around you. Alls Jessica does is interrupt people to make her feel superior, but it is really saying is she is a dumgass

gary K says:

That's MY Congressman! Thank you Mr. Desantis!

Carolyn Nigro says:

is anybody in the Democratic leadership under 80?

Dustin Liu says:

No one cares about what the Washington Compost says

Ralph McMahan says:

My little dog keeps humping my arm.

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