PULLING A POLANSKI… SHOCKER!… Hollywood Harvey The Horrible ALLOWED To Flee To Europe

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For Once The Left’s Politics Is As Transparent As They Claim It Is…
10 / 11 / 2017


baronoflight says:

Amy Adams… why do I feel like he raped her

Catherine Mendel says:

Unfortunately it's people like this man Harvey Weinstein who gives Jews a bad name…and it's SO not true about them as a nation! I know, I have been living as a Christian in Israel for the past 25 years, and they are for the most part… the most wonderful, loving, caring and helpful people I ever had the privelege to know… :'(

James Rockford says:

Didn't like 3 guys from Fox get exposed for Sexual harassment in the last year?? They are all scum bags.. Roger Ailes, O'reilly, Wienstein, Eric Bolling' on and on

K&C W says:

Just too funny how all the titty flop en whores, suck dick for their careers and power, and now want to claim this trash raped them. Hellwood full of this trash, and today the whores are all flop en their boobs for fame. Pedophiles, perverts and sodomites the all of them. So they get their rewards by claiming they are innocent in all this trash can mentality. Yea RIGHT, just another circus show for Pizza gate train rides into HELL. Everyone in this mass of demons is sickening now days, Sex in the City, and the beast feast for Satan.

loddicc says:

Next stop Israel.

Nettie Hinton says:

It was Matt Damon and Russell Crowe asked him not to run, the story or A story! And Voila, The story was silence!! Where is the DOJ?? If this was an every day person. There would be NO investigation, you would be thrown in jail, and ask questions later!! Teacher’s are accused, indicted, and arrested all, the time! I won’t be a teacher for, that fact only! But let some rich bureaucrat, do something, and he’s off to some French, Villa!

Keith Godown says:

Love your title. I used the same exact phrase in a comment on another persons video

Amp7 Paris says:

Eyes Wide Shut.

Wendy H says:

figures danny the snarling jewshit Whore throws the Catholic church that was INFILTRATED by her dracjuwhore jewshit bloodline,  as the bad guys ,We are watching jewshit bloodline and hopefully send all jewshits packing!! go be a big jewshit star in PALESTINE every single jewWhore got plastic surgery and her "HOOK NOSE' to look like a White Christian Woman and stole the German Women's used underware and Identity and Land because jewshits are Truly very UGLY and VAGRANT Pirates!

Ron A says:

I bet Skippy Podesta  is ill at ease right about now. Would it not surprise anyone if Harvey associated himself with the Podesta brothers.

Cody Hutchison says:

There needs to be a detailed investigation by the doj. Actually let's get a special council to figure this stuff out. Oh but wait. They are connected to the dems. It will never happen. We just gotta quit paying for their bullshit!

Hateaddict says:

if any of you Older viewers don't understand "casting couch" Google "backroom casting couch" its a fetish porn of girls "doing whatever it takes" to become famous and make money.

luis quinones says:

nbc is fake news

Lennox1492 says:

These little starlets show to be nothing but prostitutes

Lennox1492 says:

He will fit right in over there with all the islamic rapist running the streets

luis quinones says:

we are looking pedophile on msm next

TheBertMan Rox says:

Maybe we'll see a bunch of these pedos leaving the country now. They are running scared.

Millenial Sunshine says:

If he indeed HAS gone on the run, and disappears, can all of the stuff he left behind be looked at? Like computer hard drives, and secret basement dungeons? 😉

Dr Blue says:

Its okay to sexually assault women if your a Democrat, ask Bill Clinton.

scmarriner says:

Is Dana really that thick?

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