Sears Canada seeks liquidation

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Sears Canada wants to liquidate its remaining stores. With three days to go before its next court date, the company has said it plans to shut down entirely.

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LowLightVideos says:

Blah stuff mostly (a few great things) at moderate prices (and nowhere near the selection of US Stores).

Beggars and choosers during Interviews, many on GlassDoor report rudeness or calling you in to tell you the position is filled.

The Store Manager pay is not awful but no doubt it's the reward for decades of brown nosing and not an easy job.

Associate (got to love that word, it means you're garbage) pay is poor but better by a couple of pennies than elsewhere (but elsewhere sells for far less).

Head of Dept. pay means you're a loser to have stayed in Retail too long, and your family lives like beggars.

If you could say "you worked there" and when you went for an Interview elsewhere people cared but they don't – they'll start you back at the bottom to save a buck.

All these places take up space that could be filled with businesses that offered stuff we need – either great stuff to buy or a great paycheck to take home. Either is a rarity at Sears (but London Drugs is far worse) at least Sears was dulldrums of the doldrums.

Liz Roy says:

After 5-10 years of selling off prime assets and real estate with basically zero reinvestment back into the future of the company, sears executives and eddy lampert are walking away with big cash and bonuses while the associates who helped to keep everything going get nothing. Underfunded pensions and big pay offs ! Why do we continue to support governments that write laws to ensure the wealthiest are looked after while workers get nothing. What wrong with this picture ? I know this may sound like a rant but look past this and see the reality of the situation. . Without the workers there would be no Company! Without the executives there would be no big bonuses awarded even when the company is not doing well! Who really deserves decent compensation?

Louis Win says:

Fact is that it’s mostly people who are 55+ going to Sears these days. And they only buy like one new piece of clothing a year.

Rebecca Carman says:

If no tax payers money, CBC under leftards probaly facing liquidation too

Sabrina says:

Damn I’m gonna be jobless by 2018. :/

White Privilege says:

But hey $15 per hour MIN wage right?

Kerk Jones says:

Curvature=(.666 feet)(Distance² miles). The Earth is flat. #flatearth

Heather Bowlan says:

It's to bad , very sad , also no more wish books ,for the children to wish APON , that was a small part of Christmas for the little ones .

Shiny Shinx says:


Jake Ralph says:

Sears can't survive in Canada, Target had a very brief stay in Canada, Zellers gone as a result. Wonder why that could be?

evancortez2 says:

Thanks a lot

oLinger says:

Sooo much jobs being lost

Danny C. says:

cant compete with walmart

surearrow says:

>>—————–> This is what happens when a government (Canada, California, Washington State, Greece, Spain, UK, EU, Venezuela) meddles in free trade. Governments can't run business, they can only ruin business.

Enlighted Enlightment says:

I wish Sears dies soon.

Matt McCoy says:

Deals deals deals

True Tech says:

Walmart is probably $miling about this sort of thing. First they collapsed ma and pa operations, and once the little people are ran out, they move onto the others. Reminds me of an invasive fish species that decimates without ability to feel any guilty feelings. Capitalism is ingrained by the pinstripe species. And that leads to homeless people under the Gardener expressway being rejected by the Toronto armory, rather than defending those who are at their weakest, swept under the rug like just another day.

Zha Zha BINKS says:

Come back STRONGER…After TRUEDOPE is outa office…

Daniel Longsworth says:

It's a shame, and I'm pretty worried about where people will get jobs now.

faceless corporation says:

retail is dead. the economy is about to collapse.

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