Sunaina English Dubbed Episode 8 – Who Burst the Bomb

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Sohail tries a trick to prank Swagatika. He keeps a bomb below her bench but it accidentally bursts at Ms. Malpekar. Swagatika hears Sohail laughing with Sunaina and others. She gets known to the plan and decides to tell the truth to Ms. Malpekar. Sunaina watches in her dream spectacles and tap recorder. She makes a plan. Ritu takes an interview of Swagatika and records her voice in the tap recorder. Nina then goes to Ms. Malpekar and removes her glasses and keeps them away from her. Sunaina arrives after Nina leaves and she starts the tap recorder telling Ms. Malpekar in Swagatika’s voice that she don’t know who burst the bomb. Sohail plays cross-word puzzle along with Rohan and asks him for a last word remained. He answer it correctly after some hints as ‘bomb’. They in front of Swagatika asks Rohan ‘the brilliant idea of bomb was whom ?’ in the sense that Swagatika will not tell Ms. Malpekar the truth in order to save Rohan from suspending from the school. Still after Rohan agrees that it was he, Swagatika tries to call Ms. Malpekar for telling the truth.


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