Tucker Carlson Blitzes NFL Players for Kneeling During National Anthem

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Tucker Carlson doesn’t appreciate it when some of the league’s richest players kneel against America. For more visit www.dailycaller.com


Gwen Harris says:

The kneeling players of the NFL are kneeling because oppression and racism still exist in this country. My mother explained racism, its history and its ignorance to me when I was a child. The players, along with many other Americans of all races, are protesting police brutaly, and the injustices imposed on people of color in America. The kneel is not direspctful to the military, the flag or the Star Spangled Banner. I have family members in the armed forces. My father, a native California, served in WWII. He had been subjected to segregation in California, but he had never seen the hatred or segregation openly condoned and enforced by law enforcement that he saw while he was stationed in Texas. It is very hypocritical to deem the products of such a valuable skill "son's of bitches." Black women are not dogs, and the players are human beings. My suggestion is that you read "The Star Spangled Banner" when its author, a slave owner, condemned slaves recruited by the British in exchange for freedom for their service. Key was a slave owner, and he stated in the third verse of The Star Spangled Banner that slaves were condemned to their graves, I highly suggest that kneeling, is a sign of submissiveness and humbleness before God. When the song was written, slavery was still alive and well. I think it is outrages that in the 21st century blacks are still chastized for peaceful protest. I do, however, thank Donald Trump for the unity that I see happening in America. While it is true his presidential campaign brought deviant groups (KKK, Nazis…) out of hiding, he has helped many Americans take a stand for justice and equality. I am extremely proud of anyone who risks financial ruin in order to kneel for what is right and just.

Gone Fishing says:

Muslims in NFL: Did you know that Shahid Khan, owner of the Jackonsville Jaguars of the National Football league is a Muslim and that this particular team seems to be outspoken against America's Anthem. Also Youtube search the term 'Colin Kaepernick Secret Muslim' or 'Colin Kaepernick with Terrorist'. You will have to make your own judgement calls here but many think that certain players have covert ideologies motivating their hate of America. Of course Fake News doesn't do nothing except attack the President and our way of life.

Todd Yizar says:

Yeah, Tucker. sounds like you're pissed that they have more money than you, since that's the point you brought up. You mad? Get over it. I've watched your program regularly and I haven't heard you express the same outrage over unarmed Blacks being killed by the police. What you DID do was focus on whatever negative stuff you could about the victim. You, and the organization you work for are Trump butt-lickers that have been instrumental in helping create division in this nation that will come back to bite you in the ass. Point blank. And since in the age of Trump everything is open to "interpretation" , and you always seem to accept that as the administration's defense of Trump's actions, you can't have it both ways. African Americans have a different "interpretation" of the flag. Don't like it? Tough.

Gone Fishing says:

Fans should just boycott the games. Anti-American players can disrespectful the Flag and Country but Fans vote with dollars.

jpowers55 says:

Draft dodging? Other than the NFL draft what draft could they have dodged?

Carl Bennett says:

I won’t be watching any NFL games involving players who
kneel during our national anthem. Why? I saw a picture of Kaepernick kneeling
during the national anthem. In front and to the left of him was a combat-wounded
U.S. Marine in uniform who had lost both of his legs. He had no prosthetics. While
in his wheelchair, he was standing proudly, saluting our American flag. I
realized at the moment that he stood far taller than any man on either NFL
team, towering over Kaepernick.  Veteran, USAF

Fuzz Man says:

Kaepernick is the reason I am done with the liberal NFL, I will not attend any more games or even watch.After I got the NFL out of my system I feel better. Watching the UFC has made it easy to quit football.If the UFC becomes a liberal snowflake entity I will drop them too!

Oculus Prime says:

If the African Kings and Muslim Warlords of the 15th Century hadn't sold those players' ancestors to Western nations, they would today be scrounging around in lion-infested fields to find their next meal. They should be grateful they made it out by any means possible. Instead, they're acting like a bunch of whiny little bitches.

D Storm says:

Pretty much all pro athletes did indeed dodge the draft and evade Vietnam.   Rocky Blier and few others were exceptions.

abe lansky says:

If they don't like it, leave it.the NFL is history.who cares what million are baby boys think or do.nobody watches anymore.

TheFacebiters says:

I agree, believe whatever the fuck you want, but people died so that you could express yourself.

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