TYT – 10.06.17: Rex Tillerson, Roy Moore, Roots of Breitbart, and Harvey Weinstein

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A portion of our Young Turks Main Show from October 6th, 2017. For more go to www.tytmembership.com.

Hour 1: Brett Erlich, Jimmy Dore, and Jennifer Briney. President Trump makes a mysterious statement about a “storm” to come but refuses to answer follow up questions. Rex Tillerson seems to be on the way out. A Las Vegas resident makes an act of good faith after the Mandalay Bay shooting, and suffers the consequences. Roy Moore is back in the news, and tropical storm Nate is building in intensity.

Hour 2: Hannah Cranston, Brett Erlich, and Nando Vila. Buzzfeed released a massive story on the history and roots of Breitbart. Trump’s administration has rolled back contraception laws. Harvey Weinstein issues a taciturn apology. Financial firm State Street settles lawsuit rank of hypocrisy.


Bob Schwartz says:

Huckabee is another trump sycophant.

branden burks says:

Love Jimmy Dore! The Jimmy Dore Show is where it's at! 10 times better than TYT's main channel. I don't see why he still bothers with TYT. I also don't understand why The Young Turks, a supposedly progressive YouTube channel has a segment called "The Aggressive Progressives." Shouldn't the entire channel be progressive?

Veronica Gallo says:

Taking away funding for something is NOT the same as taking away your right to it….your sexual life is not my responsibility ..it is YOURS


God knows I'm no Trump apologist! And I'm against the birth control decision. But taking away funding for something is NOT the same as taking away your right to it. It just gives easy ammunition for those who criticize the left for being whiney.


Why not pay for birth control directly by federal funding? It would be a good way of getting people used to the idea of tax funded healthcare.

Chasing Wisdom says:

7:15 wtf she's wildly assuming that..? She's like idk who he is BUT I know what he does and he's kissing ass. ORRR HE'S BEEN THE MILITARY HIS ENTIRE LIFE AND HAD A MEETING? call it far-fetched but he likely had a reason to be there besides the pictures. Girl in the middle, you sounded dumb.

don toews says:

as far as i know tyt is still pro vaccine, if true tyt is a wee bit hypocritical, forced vaccines r ok?? and this is going to effect us all as forced vaccines r coming for adults. If yor going to be for free choice, make it across the board

daguard411 says:

On the abortion segment, I am a crusty old American man who has been fortunate to have been born and raised overseas (my Mom is from IL and my Dad from WI). I have also spent a great deal of time outside the country as an adult, and the issue is quite clear to me. Far from rich they that I had contact with were working class guys and I often heard them lament the deaths of women during pregnancy and childbirth. I am 53 and even I could remember my Mom and her friends speaking of such occurring in military hospitals. Pregnancy is among the most dangerous aspects of a woman's life, and they that run the risk have the RIGHT, not permission, they have the RIGHT to make the decisions concerning this event in their lives.

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