Visitor Records: Harvey Weinstein Visited Obama White House 13 Times

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Eagle The Truck says:

When sexual predators that created profits, helped the Hollyweird celebrities become famous then Hollyweird celebrities protect, cover up for his sexual assault's stories. When Hollyweird celebrities see him was in trouble, Hollyweird turned to fight with that sexual predator right away.

Pablo Jiménez says:

From 2009 until 2014 (I wouldn't go mucho more far than then) the Weinstein Company produced more than 10 movies involving Geopolitics, World War, Capitalism, American Health System and particularly one calle The Buttler, a Bio Pic of a White House Buttler name Eugene Allen who was a witness of all notable political and social events of the 20th century during his 34-year tenure serving as a White House butler. Aren't those more than enough reasons to visit the WH at least 10 times? C'mon!

Dark Dan says:

Grabbing them by the pussy does seem to hurt your presidential chances.

Nick Rogers says:

The effeminate cowardly cuckold Hussein Obumer with his perverse pay for play buddy. Also there are links to the Senile Pedo gang of Podesta, Schumer, and Biden.

a b says:

Slime cesspool is right. Liberals have no moral compass to know right from wrong. Does this make the Left more high and righteous by sacrificing their own? This is like the fall of Hilter replaced by Stalin. I'm afraid this is just the beginning of the libtard mental disorder outbreak.

Peter Johnson says:

Liberalism is truly a mental disorder.

Peter Johnson says:

Piece of shit. Arm and arm with the domestic terrorist Bill Ayers!! Going to visit the Muslim. Wow…

NFLJose05 says:

That fake stream media would say "it's ok cause he visited Obama and had obamas best interest at heart" and shit FUCK OUTTA HERE!!!

paralentor says:

Silence from SNL. Apparently humor only applies when it's not about the Left.

Artsartisan says:

Hollywood’s Harvey Harassment Hypocrisy | White House Brief

Liberal icon Harvey Weinstein proves that the hypocrisy in Hollywood is unreal. When you're a powerful liberal, you can grab and grope and harass and abuse … as long as you're loyal to the cause.

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It has now come to light that Harvey Weinstein has been engaging in sexual abuse of women for years. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Harvey Weinstein instructs Clinton to 'silence' Sanders' BLM message

LIMBAUGH: Democrat Response To Harvey Weinstein Is 'Perfunctory, Formulaic, Tone-Deaf'

"Didn't They CARE About Women's Rights??" Hannity RIPS Hollywood Hypocrisy on
Harvey Weinstein

Hannity comments on the Harvey Weinstein scandal, Hollywood hypocrisy, and NFL
anthem protests.

judy blue says:

Jews are depraved and looking to have you all jump in the band wagon folks wake up

Granny Loca says:

Not surprising. obama pretty much let all leftist scumbags come to white house.


Both sides suck.
You both will destroy the nation with your fucked up values.
Your values just like the lids fucking suck.
Your both wrong as can be.
You people could give a fuck about the country,just your own fucked up agenda.

Jeanine MAGA says:

The sicko clan that tried to destroy this Country, with their Perverted Nastiness.

Survive the Jive says:

What kind of whore would marry an oafish ogre like that sexpest

golfito says:

These guys at Breitbard News are a bunch of orange orangutan Trump cocksuckers,

Kathy Florcruz says:

Weinstein must LOVE 65000 dollars worth of "succulent hot dogs" too.

Victor Real says:

Not surprised in the least! Wait till you really get to know oblahblah! We havent seen the tip of the iceburg yet. Hes a very deceptive half white fucking leftist! Im half white so I can say that my nigs!!!

Brad Pittman says:

Bannon, drop hawley and get behind Austin Petersen in MOSEN. Hawley is backed by mc Connell. Common man.

Bob Majew says:

In many ancient religions it is often typical to give your daughter to your supporter.
European kingdoms were forged on marriage. And the same applies to other regions on the planet.

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