Woman harassed by Anti-Trump protesters

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We take you inside a violent Anti-Trump protest from the night before inauguration.


Anni limon says:

When I see these people I know two things I voted correct with Trump and these people are the dumbest people in America

Jeff Fletcher says:

So…. we don't like the president, and our plan is to what? We go out in the street and hold up signs and then what? Someone, somewhere comes in and changes the president? What happens when the other side holds up signs and marches in the street because they don't like… say… gay marriage? We repeal that too? Women's rights? Can we re institute slavery by marching in the streets with signs? I mean, is literally any political change ever going to happen by doing this? Or are all possible political changes viable by simply holding up signs?

Jigg Jiggiz says:

amazing some drums and some though acting. Now go home and rethink your life.

bl4ckant32 says:

White girl problems

JENDALL714 says:

Trump protesters are bunch of sissies all you have to do is punch them in the throat and they go crying home to their mother.

Hardcase726 on Gaming and Politics says:

Nicholas Cage?

Hanvin Gavnah says:

do protestors bath?

Brother Kellymatthew Barnes says:

Fascists on Parade!

Marty Pullen says:

such bullshit

nazi frog says:

so Democrats want equality for women by spitting on them? they say Trump is a racist but they hate him because he's a white male?…where do these fucktards come from?..lol

Chancellor Reando says:

these people are some of the most ignorant and mentally ill sub humans I have ever seen.

Jamminj42 Fenderman says:

if these freaks care alot about our United States then where were they when the Obama's and their minions was destroying The United States Of America. Fake ass protesters.

Seemor Disillusioned says:

I wonder if the fact that , at this point in time , most of Trumps cabinet are all carry overs from the previous president matters ?

Jake Simmonds says:

these lefts are so unbelievably fucking stupid.

johndoe12345 says:

gathering of lunatics

Darr Whyask says:

We are quickly getting to the point where opening fire into these crowds would do civilization no end of good.

External Hard Drive says:

One or two of those leftists may not have been dope fiends but most of them were stoned out of their minds. We need the wall to stop the drugs from coming in, if for no other reason than to help get those dope fiends off of drugs, so they can get jobs and actually contribute something meaningful to society. That is if their brains are not already so fried that even sober they act that way.

Joshie Woshy says:

The peaceful and tolerant left at it again with their peace and tolerance.

Jennifer Leblanc says:

People need to fucking chill


Every Trump Protester Is LIKE an ADDICT using HEAVY being Forced TO GO TO TREATMENT….Screaming all the way, with mindless drivel FOAMING at the mouth-
They are a Disease that got Smothered in their own unstable hate-filled Jackassery….

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