After Las Vegas massacre, trying to move forward | ABC News

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As authorities piece together the shooter’s final days, survivors start the healing process and parents of an Aurora shooting victim are in Vegas to offer their help.

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ze d says:

How u sneak all those gun in a hotel n no one seen him smh fake

ze d says:

Damn crises actors he said he plucked the bullet hole with his fingers

DIY Camper says:

MSM you are all a bunch fucking assholes who know damn well who is REALLY doing this shit. You WILL NOT get away with it.

mark sears says:

So many people keep saying other shooter's , if so , why no shell casing's found ????

Ricardo Garcia says:

Either gun control or bullet control the bullets ain’t in the constitution

Danny Lage says:

3:31 , notice the writing on the check, this guy had dementia. My father had Alzheimer's and one of the first signs was his uncoordinated childlike handwriting.

karlie edwards says:

I don’t think it’s fake…. people obviously got hurt but it definitely feels like a false flag …. too many things don’t add up

iRangex says:


welcome to derry says:

Nooooooooo blood?

Becky Diaz says:

Nobody's knows how to stay down and cover smh

Scorpio Girl says:

Am I the only one that realizes that they haven’t showed any videos of that man inside the Mandalay? That is the main reason I believe they are all full of shit with the info they have BS!!!!!

JS says:

More questions than answers is right. So many questions that the FBI said it doesn't know….was there a 2nd person in his room when he ordered food for 2?, what day did he check in?, how did he get all of those firearms up to his room? ALL of those questions could be answered by looking at the security tapes from the hallway. So, why are they still telling the public that they don't have these answers.

And just now I've heard something very curious, to say the least. The security guard was shot (in the leg) 6 minutes BEFORE Paddock started shooting at the crowd???? So, why did not a call for help happen immediately? Six minutes is enough time to get at least "some" help to him, and police would have been enroute right away (very possibly on the scene before he started shooting the public or certainly a LOT sooner). Jose, who was touted as a hero is certainly worthy of some serious questioning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Something is rotten in the state of Denmark!

Albert Zion says:

They need to change the fucking gun law. Why are they so fucking reluctant to do so?!!

Babietea Sadden says:

Cops took too long to find him

Kaliman Kaliman says:

We should arm citizens… to shoot back….

Marc Jacobs says:

When I look at stuff about the Las Vegas shootings here on YT, there are UNBELIEVABLE many sources and people and independent journalists and reporters saying so many things about multiple shooters, it being a psyop, crises actors, fake reporting, lies and so on. UNBELIEVABLE many. So, before anyone starts yelling at me that that is all nonsense etc. and that I should have my head examined, I'm wondering. I would like to know the truth, and many with me I guess, so I watch almost everything about the subject. If I would be a reporter I would share as many views about the subject as possible, so people have an opportunity to draw a more fair conclusion I feel. Why doesn't any of these mainstream media outlets at least give SOME of these theories a fair chance? Just one or two. If you're really (I mean REALLY) into trying to get the ''truth'' to the public, why ignore the opinions of thousand, maybe millions of people? Why? Trust me, I know the answer 🙂 Just saying! Have a nice day!

Mark Deo says:

Who are the people that sit around a table and plot this? Not terrorists but "Higher Ups". Government agencies that sit there and plan a massacre on their own people. Americans are so blind to everything. Wake the fuck up America. Stand up & fuckin love.

Veronica Delgado says:

Fake as fuck

Five Ad says:


OWNER OF MB stated, video of gunman has been deleted. WTF.

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