Al Harrington — Polynesian Dancer on To Tell The Truth

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From the long-running CBS television program “To Tell The Truth”.


Agape Grace says:

The Samoans discovered Samoa.


WOW!!  Some fine Samoan boys.  I love the fire dancer.

Eileen Bento says:

Wow, I enjoyed this so much..I remember this TV show of very long ago..

sapphiretaurus says:

Jack didn't kick him off the show. Al had other career opportunities he wanted to follow – sport management and marketing, and others. He was the on show for three years, and prior to that he did smaller parts on various episodes, so if Jack didn't want him around, he would not have kept him on as long. There's no evidence surfacing that Jack kicked him off. Zulu was kicked off for not showing up on time and not knowing his lines.

YesYou123333 says:

I agree. He must have been a great guy. I never met him but I watched an interview he was in when they were talking about the new Hawaii Five-0. Even though almost everyone else agreed that Jack Lord forced him off the show, I didn't sense any bitterness on his part at all. In fact, he was thankful Jack Lord gave him the opportunity. He was one of my favorite detectives on the show along with Chin Ho and Kono. They made a big mistake dismissing Kono and Ben.

me68206 says:

Even after he became a regular on Hawaii Five-O, he continued to perform as a Polynesian dancer.

expanding e says:

Book them all Ben, for asking silly questions.

John Smith says:

@RuFFNuTTProductionz That's what I meant by Samoans considered him just a tourist. The difference between a discovery and creation is that one existed before and the other didn't. One can discover a civilization unbeknownst to others (as in Samoa), or plant or animal species. So it was a discovery as far as the Dutch or perhaps the rest of the world was concerned. Otherwise no one could claim discovery of anything.

Anthony Parsons says:

@Gnillob802 The ancestors of Samoans discovered Samoa. Captain Jakob Roggeveen just added it to his map

islandguy73 says:

hahah.. I love this… Too funny when the palagi lady asked "Who discovered the samoan Islands?"… His answer should've been.. THE SAMOANS DISCOVERED IT!….lol

John Smith says:

Is Harrington an old Samoan name? Kitty, no no no. By the way Samoa was discovered by Captain Jacob Roggeveen, who was Dutch. To Samoans he was just another tourist.

Ferdinand314 says:

What a wonderful find! Al Harrington was GREAT in Hawaii Five-O

tapusoaj10 says:

kua maka valea kele palagi sole aha

silencioSLAP says:

Hahaha man these judges are clueless dude, maybe because Im not palangi but I could tell the middle guy was the real Al Harrington.. Good video!!

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