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VeronicaArias craftinglove says:

I don't care if she is standing for her political gain but she is answering the way he deserves, he is disrespectful and mean PR we feel your pain.

dirkbonesteel says:

Why do they give this slow fat child "high marks" when all he did was not get involved and throw a few paper towels at newly homeless people? Stop setting the bar on the friggin floor

Crystal Meserve says:

trump, YOU are an embarrassment to the US!

Crystal Meserve says:

everybody knows PR'ns are Americans. but trump

Crystal Meserve says:

why the hell was there even a process in Congress, if none of it matters & trump can just gut Obama care by himself?!

Crystal Meserve says:

no, no country respects us anymore. because of the moron in the wh

Norma McIntyre says:

More scamming

Joy Brautigam says:

trump doesn't care for PR. He was forced to act in the first place. He didn't even know they were Americans. …"a big ocean…" Tillerson was right

Taylor says:

Junk insurance

Ron Buracker says:

The poor and the needy have no place in Trump;s world either does the GOP

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