Hollywood is Crumbling!

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Mark Dice says:

Order your “Liberalism: Find a Cure” shirt and other cool stuff here: teespring.com/stores/markdice

If you love my videos, please help me stay fan funded by tipping me through www.PayPal.me/MarkDice since YouTube is screwing me by demonetizing my 95% of my stuff.

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See ya tomorrow!

Luis Llorens says:

Ed Asner’s truthfulness was refreshing. For once.

john augsberger says:

California best bet is to slip into the ocean

southerngent253 says:

Nice job Mark. I know these Hollywood liberals will do their best to have this video taken down!!!!!!!!!!!1

tom7601 says:

Isn't Lindsay LowBrow a Muslim now?

ian freeland says:

Hey Mark. Why do you, now, speak like a wrestling commentator?

Early Cuyler says:

Kimmel's crying bc he's thinking "Shit, I just start making bank & now Hollyweird implodes!" And, I don't think Adam will have you back Jimmy. You could be back scrappin' for a gig soon.

Early Cuyler says:

Kimmel's crying bc he's thinking "Shit, I just start making bank & now Hollyweird implodes!" And, I don't think Adam will have you back Jimmy. You could be back scrappin' for a gig soon.

scott allen says:

Remember when Hollywood was over the top about Trump COMMENT "grab her by the pussy?" Looks like Hollywood just takes the pussy. No wonder the shitbags made a fuss. Hollywood is digging themselves into mediocre sales at best. Every liberal person that openly opposed Trump and his constituents have went bust at the box office. You think they are going to get future high profile rolls? Yea I don't either

We will Win yet says:

Liberals are becoming 'progressively' dummer all of the time…

Joey Splats says:

Mark, I got my Liberalism Find a Cure shirt. Where's my Great America, dammit!

Bobby Grant says:

Love your work Mark! Keep kicking ass man!

Sarah Howard says:

That's bullshit on the HIV crap it makes me so mad

manque15 says:

wow Lindsays off her face on drugs or booze no doubt!!! freak

manque15 says:

I can't wait to see this filth to go down…!

True Helper says:

They all need to BURN IN HELL!!! Please God help us rid this earth of all the child raping, sexist, and filthy evil scumbags that use 'n' abuse this blessed life you gave us. PLEASE!!!!!

ukkr says:

Mark Dice
HIV is perhaps the first federally protected disease. Look at what finally happened with typhoid mary! She was quarantined for about 30 YEARS! The only thing containing the deaths for hundreds of years is that infected people got sick, and DIED! SHE didn't get sick.

NOW, with aids, a doctor is FORBIDDEN to even tell a spouse or roommate that the person is sick.

Cindy Fuller says:

Odd that Lindsey Lohand (sp?)whom im willing to bet was a victim of "the casting couch" seems very ANXIOUS as she videos her support from a closed up bathroom. That level of anxiety with the stuttering and pacing doesn't ring of sincerity. Dont you think?

Debra Willis says:

It's about time. These people are idiots. Double standards, as long as they play ball to make their money, couch interviews, childolesters, drug addicts, and the list is long. All this seems to be OK with them. Cover-up, then they have the balls to down our president and our country. Some things are just wrong and these Hollywood elites are wrong.

Pilot Lock says:

Jimmy Kimmel I would love you to feel what I put in your mouth, can you tell me what it is?! Come on Jimmy , have a better taste!

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