Hollywood’s Self Destruction Enters Final Phase

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The mainstream media has done nothing but lie to the American people about what Donald Trump has actually done for Puerto Rico.

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Steve O says:

Alex please answer one of my comments so I know your reading them. Thanks SteveO

Steve O says:

Alex the videos that are less then 15 minutes are the best and will get more views. Thank you bro!

WKZworks says:

I want to say just "Let em die.", but then they'll just set their destructive gaze elsewhere. At least this way Hollywood can act as some sort of containment vessel. California used to be a nice place before authoritarians with money came along and ruined it.

eigarza3 says:


This guy sums it all up on Puerto Rico not dying of hunger!!! WOW

Sandra Greco says:

Trump needs to clean out the Khazarian Mafia and war mongering generals and Neocons. He is getting very bad advice from those surrounding him. Mattis and McMasters are left overs from Obama and Bush and Clinton. They are part of the failures of the last 16 years.

Sandra Greco says:

Hollywood is controlled by the Khazarian Mafia. They also control the NFL and the Federal Reserve and the central banks and the stock market and the NSA and the TSA and Homeland Security and Congress.

Ross Stone says:

haha Vampire spiders! Good 1.

louie vasquez says:

The gay mafia is next and then the pedophiles will fall right behind.

Catherine Houston says:

Jesus Christ is the Name above all names!
The enemy's time is short so let us all keep fighting the fight by living decently before others setting and holding to the Truth.
I am so encouraged to see this channel confessing Jesus and growing in strength.
Evil is weak fundamentally at its core. Confessing that Jesus Christ is Lord and not we ourselves, is wisdom and strength which, ultimately will triumph ♡


If they’re scared of you they would’ve killed you years ago

Susan Wright says:

remember our fight is against no flesh and blood bu the powers of darkness and principalities

Tolbertron97 says:

State of Jefferson XX

shur7318 says:

Where is Owen Alex?

Nick P says:

I need some of that info wars insta-mash, fancy lad snackcakes, and dandy boy apples.

HolyWrath says:

It's the chemicals….Their talking to us….

HolyWrath says:

Even Satan's demons know Christ and fear him. We will win! Praise the Lord!:)

Man don't fucking talk to me I'm here to train says:

The cuckolds are fleeing the battlefield my lord Trump, shall we persue and annihilite these pathetic beta humans once and for all??

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