How much do illegal immigrants take in welfare?

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WND TV interviews Jason Richwine, conservative public-policy analyst and commentator, about how much illegal immigrants take in welfare.

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twinstars milkyway says:

This proves beyond a reasonable doubt that U.S.A. stands for U Stupid. Ass Its time shut down DHS and over Haul It! Our forefathers warned us about this.

Gary bigie says:

i broke so many bones, had seizures, brain surgery. but still worked my while life. paying taxes. I of course was always refused any government assistance I applied for. unfortunately, I am born "a USA citizen" is why.

addie jo says:

its very well known immigrants use more money than us, and there are more of us than immigrants in general in the population so those numbers saying theres more whites on welfare, isnt true

Juan Trump says:

The real answer is TRILLIONS!!! Obuma added $10 trillion to the national debt and it's no secret a fair portion of that money funded the illegal immigration movement.

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